American Wagyu : Gold Grade

American Wagyu Gold-Grade Beef

Snake River Farms gold-grade American Wagyu beef features a Japanese Beef Marbling Standard (BMS) rating of nine to 12, which is the highest level of marbling we offer. Gold-grade steaks and roasts blend the traditional rich beef flavor that American palates love with the tender, buttery essence of Japanese Wagyu. Our gold-grade beef cuts are perfect for savoring as a steak or roasting to share with a big group. Not only are they naturally superior in terms of marbling, flavor and texture, but we take it to the next level by wet-aging our beef for 21-plus days for a superior result. Try the gold American Wagyu beef grade with a ribeye, filet, flank steak, brisket or prime rib roast today from Snake River Farms.

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Snake River Farms is celebrated world-wide by chefs and connoisseurs. Our family-owned business is focused on creating the most delicious beef and Kurobuta pork available.

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