Snake River Farms American Wagyu top sirloin cuts are beefy with the moderate tenderness favored by sirloin fans. Sourced from the top sirloin, our American Wagyu sirloin steaks and roasts have superior flavor and texture. In addition to steaks we stock the top sirloin cap, or picanha, with the rich fat cap.

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  1. American Wagyu Black Grade Picanha
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    Sirloin Steak
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Snake River Farms American Wagyu top sirloin steak is well-flavored, lean and features the moderate tenderness that is the hallmark of sirloin cuts. With its hearty, meaty flavor and endless versatility, the American Wagyu sirloin is a popular pick at restaurants and among dedicated home chefs. Our high-quality sirloin steaks are hand-cut by master butchers and come from purebred Wagyu cattle crossed with traditional breeds like Angus cattle, creating a flavor and texture that gives any cut a run for its money! Don’t forget to try our American Wagyu picanha (coulotte) too. This must-try cut is a super-tender sirloin you’ll often see on the menu at Brazilian steakhouses.