Pork Chops

Snake River Farms Kurobuta pork chops are exceptionally juicy and full of savory pork flavor. All our pork chops are 100% Berkshire, a heritage breed recognized for abundant marbling and striking pink color. We offer our pork chops in boneless and bone-in varieties, along with unique cuts like the Kurobuta pork porterhouse and tomahawk pork chops.

Kurobuta vs. Berkshire Pork Chops

What are Berkshire pork chops? As it turns out Berkshire is the same heritage breed of hogs used to produce Kurobuta pork chops. Berkshire hogs have been bred and raised in Berkshire County, England for over 300 years. A distinguishing feature of Berkshire vs. other breeds is their distinctive black color. Berkshire hogs were sent as gifts to Japanese emperors in the 1860s. The breed was a hit and demand for this unique pork grew. The name Kurobuta, which means “black hog” in Japanese, was the name used to refer to this special pork. 

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  1. Kurobuta Frenched Pork Chop
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    Frenched Pork Chop
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  2. Kurobuta Pork Porterhouse
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    Pork Porterhouse
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  3. Kurobuta Boneless Pork Chop
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    Pork Chop
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  4. Double Bone Pork Chop
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    Double Bone Pork Chop
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  5. Kurobuta Pork Tomahawk
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    Tomahawk Pork Chop

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Our gourmet Kurobuta pork chops are made from 100% Berkshire pigs for a signature deep color and a juicy, smoky flavor that will surprise and delight. These chops won Cooks Illustrated’s Premium (High-End) Pork taste test and were awarded the “Highly Recommended” designation.


What is a Berkshire pork chop, you ask? These juicy, flavorful chops are finely marbled cuts made from purebred Berkshire hogs, a Japanese heritage breed well-known for its rich taste, soft fat and exceptional marbling, which results in some of the most tender and juicy pork chops imaginable. Try a bone-in or boneless Kurobuta pork chop from Snake River Farms, including our popular porterhouse and Frenched pork chops that pile on the flavor.

Our Favorite Recipes

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Snake River Farms

Spicy Harissa Pork Chops with Tzatziki

  • 1 Hour
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Liz Moore

Ginger-Soy Kurobuta Pork Chops

  • 1.5 Hours