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  1.  American Wagyu corned beef brisket from Snake River Farms for traditional flavors in an elevated dining experience.
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    Wagyu Corned Beef Brisket
  2. SRF Fully Cooked Wagyu Beef Brisket (9 lbs): Authentic Texas brisket, no smoker needed.
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    Wagyu Smoked Brisket
  3. American Wagyu Brisket | high-quality brisket that’s rich and robust | Snake River Farms
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    Wagyu Brisket
    As low as $139.00

3 results

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Perfect for the competitive barbecue or any first-class backyard feast, Snake River Farms American Wagyu briskets are rich with spectacular marbling and unbeatable tenderness. Like a traditional beef brisket, these premium cuts are ideal for braising, smoking or any long and slow cooking method. Our briskets are competition-proven and consistently deliver the taste that will help your team get a call!

What is brisket?

Brisket is one of the 8 beef primals. Located in the chest region, a full brisket is identified as a 120 Beef Brisket, Deckle-Off, Boneless by the North American Meat Processors Association (NAMP). This is made up of the flat or deep pectoral muscle (NAMP 120A) and the point or superficial pectoral muscle (NAMP 120B). This is frequently referred to as a full packer brisket.

What is Wagyu brisket?

Wagyu brisket is sourced from beef derived from Japanese bloodlines and yields deep beef flavor and a buttery, smooth texture from an extraordinary level of intramuscular fat that far exceeds the USDA Prime. Snake River Farms Wagyu is a cross between purebred Japanese and high quality American breeds.

How long does it take to smoke a brisket?

Learn how to cook a brisket. Whether you want to cook your brisket hot and fast or low and slow, learn how long it takes to smoke a brisket and a million other tips and tricks in our comprehensive cooking guide.

Snake River Farms American Wagyu briskets are the best quality available for competitive BBQ events or a backyard celebration. Available in and Gold grades, in a wide range of sizes, these premium American Wagyu briskets exceed expectations for flavor and tenderness.