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  1. Which steak is best for my next special occasion?

    Which steak is best for my next special occasion?

    Choosing the best steak for a special occasion may seem daunting. Between confusing beef grading systems and the plethora of cuts available, the whole process can feel overwhelming.

  1. Pastrami on Rye

    Pastrami on Rye

    Starting with Corned Beef Brisket, this recipe transforms the brined cut into a succulent and flavorful smoked pastrami, and makes a sandwich that is good enough to rival your favorite deli. Stacked high on toasted rye bread with crisp sauerkraut and spicy brown mustard, the pastrami can be served warm. The brisket comes brined and seasoned, and benefits from a soak in cold water in the fridge to desalinate (remove some of the salt) before smoking it, which concentrates the flavors. The pastrami rub is homemade, and omits salt ensuring a balanced final product for the perfect sandwich.



    Sauteed spinach makes a great pairing for any meal that cooks up quickly for a busy weeknight dinner.

  3. Prime Rib Cooking Guide

    Guide: How to cook Prime Rib

    For true prime rib lovers, those who fantasize about adorning the festive table with a carefully seared roast, who can envision that first savory bite of beef during summer daydreams — Snake River Farms is the gold standard. Our prime rib is crave worthy, luscious, and the only centerpiece worth considering.

    We've gathered everything you need to make the most of your prime rib here so you can prepare your most epic centerpiece yet. You’ll also find information to prepare our other beef roasts in this section.

  4. Tenderloin Roast with Brandy Peppercorn Sauce

    Tenderloin Roast with Brandy Peppercorn Sauce

    The Celebration is on the Carving Board

    A perfectly cooked tenderloin roast with a lusciously creamy sauce is easier to do than you think. Let James Beard-nominated cookbook author Meredith Deeds show you how to take the stress out of your special night.

    This recipe uses the reverse-sear method which starts by cooking the roast in a very low-heat oven to achieve a perfect medium-rare center. The tenderloin is finished for a minute or two in a hot skillet to get that perfectly crusty sear we all love.

    Finishing the roast in the skillet means you already have a pan-sauce partially made. Just add some shallots, beef broth, cream, a splash of brandy and a spoonful of green peppercorns and you’re done. Voila! A beautiful roast, a beautiful sauce, a beautiful celebration.

  5. Sarsaparilla-Ginger Glazed Brisket and Pickled Red Onion–Blood Orange Marmalade

    Sarsaparilla-Ginger Glazed Brisket and Pickled Red Onion–Blood Orange Marmalade

    While we enjoy using a smoker, we also love a great oven roasted brisket. Here's a delicious recipe that melds blood oranges and onions for a mouthwatering sweet and savory combination that will make this brisket the star of your next dinner.

  6. Roasted Kurobuta Pork Loin with Fig and Orange Mostarda

    Roasted Kurobuta Pork Loin with Fig and Orange Mostarda

    The sweetness of fruit and the salty tartness of Dijon mustard both pair beautifully with the rich flavor of Kurobuta pork, so why not combine them in this traditional Italian condiment.

    Figs, red wine and orange juice are cooked with mustard seeds and sugar until it forms mostarda - a sophisticated, jam-like sauce that transforms this special roast into a meal you’ll never forget.

  7. Smoked Pork Ribs with Apple & Apricot BBQ Glaze

    Smoked Pork Ribs with Apple & Apricot BBQ Glaze

    Who doesn’t love true low-and-slow smoked pork ribs? Grilling expert Clint Cantwell shows us how to take them over the top, starting with Snake River Farms Kurobuta ribs, giving them the perfect kiss of smoke and flames and finishing them with a flavor packed apple and apricot glaze.

  8. American Wagyu Tenderloin Nachos

    American Wagyu Tenderloin Nachos

    Nachos, they're not just for snacking anymore. Especially when you make them with Snake River Farms American Wagyu tenderloin pieces. That being said, you can really elevate the quality of snacks at your next pre-game party, movie night or other at-home event with this recipe.

    The secret to nacho success is the quality of ingredients. You're starting with amazing beef, so don't stop there. Look for a chip that's thick enough to hold up to the toppings. We found a local grocery story that makes them in-house. Good quality cheeses and fresh toppings add to the deliciousness meter.

  9. Grilled Steak and Goddess Dressing Salad

    Grilled Steak With Goddess Dressing Salad

    The long days of summer are the perfect time to fire up the grill and take advantage of the local bounty of vegetables, like sweet corn and heirloom tomatoes. The Grilled Steak Summer Goddess Salad includes summer vegetables and Snake River Farms Gold Grade NY strips for a meal that is both hearty and refreshing.

  10. Calvados and Maple Glazed Crown Roast of Pork with Spice Roasted Apples

    Calvados and Maple Glazed Crown Roast of Pork with Spice Roasted Apples

    This pork crown roast makes a stunning centerpiece to your holiday meal. But it is hardly just about the roast’s glorious good looks: the spice-rubbed crust is baked in for enduring flavor before the warm, sweet glaze, with just a hint of heat, is brushed over the surface. Just when you think it can’t get much better, the crown is anointed with chunky apple wedges tossed with savory sage and sweet cinnamon and baked until the both the apples and the pork are moist, tender, and just cooked through.

  11. True West Beef | SRF

    We're Breaking New Ground with True West Beef

    In the countryside of south-central Idaho sits the newest state-of-the-art beef processing facility in the United States: True West Beef. The small city of Jerome was the ideal location to bring True West Beef to life. Situated along the Snake River Canyon, this thriving community is built on Western values, surrounded by abundant farmland, and populated by hardworking people.

  12. Kurobuta Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    Kurobuta Pork Belly Burnt Ends

    Burnt ends aren't just for briskets. This Kurobuta Pork Belly burnt ends recipe from Bennie at Kendrick BBQ brings the low and slow smokey flavor of Kurobuta pork belly and the sweet caramelized tastes of traditional burnt ends together for something truly spectacular!

    With Benny's help, you can cook these up at your next tailgate or BBQ for an appetizer that will knock the socks off your guests. These crowd pleasing BBQ bites won't last long.