Pork Ribs

Snake River Farms offers a variety of Kurobuta pork ribs including spare ribs, baby backs and short ribs. All our ribs are purebred Kurobuta pork sourced from 100% Berkshire hogs. Call them Kurobuta or Berkshire ribs, these are the best pork ribs available. New to BBQ ribs? Try a Kurobuta spare ribs recipe on our site, including Tuffy Stone’s Ribs by the five-time Barbecue World Champion.

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    Kurobuta Spare Ribs
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    Spare Ribs
  2. Kurobuta Pork Short Ribs
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    Pork Short Ribs
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    Kurobuta Baby Back Ribs
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    Baby Back Ribs

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Snake River Farms is proud to offer a wide variety of gourmet pork ribs that will help you earn the blue ribbon among your family and friends. These are juicy, flavorful Kurobuta pork ribs that come to us from the heritage Berkshire pig from Japan, grown within our network of small family farms. Toss a rack of Berkshire ribs on the barbecue for a whole new way to experience pork.


When it comes to pork ribs, there are a few major players: baby back, short and spareribs. Each type has its merits, and loyal following, but as long as the ribs are Snake River Farms Kurobuta pork, you’re on your way to a memorable barbecue. Keep it classic with some Kurobuta baby back ribs on the grill or smoke low and slow with some mind-blowing Kurobuta short ribs. You can’t go wrong with this pork from Snake River Farms!