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  1. Bone-In Half Ham
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    Bone-In Half Ham
    As low as $119.00
  2. Bone-In Whole Ham
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    Bone-In Whole Ham
    As low as $175.00
  3. Boneless Half Ham
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    Boneless Half Ham
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  4. Boneless Whole Ham
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    Boneless Whole Ham
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Snake River Farms Kurobuta hams are carefully made using our traditional, time-proven methods. Each Kurobuta ham is bred from a 100% Berkshire hog raised in our network of small family farms. We stock a full line of bone-in and boneless Kurobuta Berkshire hams. Turn to Snake River Farms when looking for where to buy Berkshire hams online. All SRF hams are shipped frozen to arrive at your door safely and in the freshest condition.

There’s something almost magical about Snake River Farms Kurobuta hams. Produced using time-honored curing methods and carefully smoked over real hardwood, these premium Kurobuta pork hams are tender and rich in flavor with the perfect essence of smoke. Also known as a Berkshire ham, they are produced from 100% purebred Berkshire pigs, a heritage Japanese pig that’s well-known for its beautiful marbling, rich flavor and exquisite tenderness. Serving a Snake River ham means treating your dinner companions to the very best. Spice up your smoked ham with our Perfect Pork Rub or other seasonings crafted with insight from barbecue champ Steph Franklin. Check out more of our Ham Recipes!

Snake River Farms Kurobuta hams are the ideal holiday meal, perfect for elevating your Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner to a gourmet level that your guests won’t soon forget. We offer the perfect pork centerpiece for your table setting, including premium bone-in and boneless SRF hams in whole and half sizes.

Berkshire pork is one of the easiest meals to prepare because SRF hams arrive fully cooked — they really need only a simple reheat in your oven or on the grill. When looking to buy Berkshire hams online, look no further than Snake River Farms for the freshest and most delicious hams available.

What Size Ham Should I Get?

Not sure what size ham to order? We recommend 8 ounces of ham per guest as a guideline.