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  1. Call of the Wild - Outdoor Cooking with SRF

    Call of the Wild - Outdoor Cooking with SRF

    Gerard Masih loves his rugged hunting lifestyle. But when it's time to camp with the family, easy does it. You can follow him on Instagram: @gmas101

  2. Backwoods Bar | SRF

    Backwoods Bar

    Camping and cocktails are a summertime match made in heaven.

    Yes, you can pop the top of a can of beer, but it's also easy to turn your campsite into a craft cocktail lounge. Here are some tips to bring a touch of civilization to the great outdoors. 

  3. Camp Cooking Tips from Snake River Farms

    Camp Cooking Tips from Snake River Farms

    Food, especially Snake River Farms American Wagyu, just tastes better in the great outdoors.  I grew up in Idaho camping and backpacking  in nearby forests and mountains. Over the years, I've learned a few tricks to make cooking  outside easier - and more delicious!

  4. Best Wine and Steak Pairings


    One of the most iconic food and wine combinations is steak served with red wine. Every Snake River Farms steak has distinct flavor differences and the same is obviously true for wine. Here are some guidelines to match our three most popular steaks with wines with the flavor characteristics to complement and enhance your next steak dinner.

  5. How to Pair Salami and Wine

    How to Pair Salami and Wine

    SRF Kurobuta salami is delicious by itself, but their flavors shine when paired with wine. The best combinations accent and balance the flavor profiles of the wine and salami. Keep in mind, the best pairings are the ones that taste best to you! We consulted with Pete Seghesio, an acclaimed winemaker and founder of Journeyman Meats, to discover his suggestions for the best wines to pair with his different types of salami.

  6. Valentines Guide | Snake River Farms

    Valentine's Guide

    Valentine’s Day is for EVERYONE. Celebrate your significant other or your favorite friends on February 14, the timing is perfect. New Year’s Day is six weeks in the rear-view mirror, and we are all due for a festive and flavorful meal. Here are our ideas for a special dinner, be it a romantic evening for two, a Galentine’s gathering for your besties or a full-blown night in with the guys.

  7. Fast Weeknight Meals

    Fast Weeknight Meals

    Welcome to the working week. When Monday rolls around, meal planning gets a large share of our attention.  “What should I make for dinner?” is the question that comes up every day around 4 PM.

    While you can always have a pizza delivered, here are five fast and delicious meals you can serve in a pinch. Just stock the freezer with a few Snake River Farms staples and you can pull off these recipes with ingredients you probably already have on hand. 

  8. Which steak is best for my next special occasion?

    Which steak is best for my next special occasion?

    Choosing the best steak for a special occasion may seem daunting. Between confusing beef grading systems and the plethora of cuts available, the whole process can feel overwhelming.

  9. Caviar and American Wagyu

    The Ultimate Pairing – Caviar and American Wagyu

    Caviar is a luxurious way to elevate your steak experience. It's natural brininess and unique texture combine deliciously with the richness of American Wagyu beef.  We collaborated with Tsar Nicolai Caviar, pioneers of sustainable caviar production, to explore the ultimate pairing of caviar and American Wagyu beef.

  10. 2023 Holiday Entertaining Guide | SRF

    HOLIDAY ENTERTAINING GUIDE- the Easiest Holiday Party Ever

    With these tips from Nathan Michael and Julia Flowers, your stylish festive gathering will be the least stressful item on your holiday to-do list. 

  11. Chef's Version | Home for the Holidays

    Home for the Holidays - Chef's Version

    Yes, chefs  reach for comforting favorites,too — and now you can make them yours. 

    During the holidays, chefs toss aside the tools of their trade in favor of crinkled recipe cards and grandma’s favorite poultry shears. We talked to some of our favorite chefs — Mandy Tanner, Sarah Kelly, and Meredith Deeds — about their ideas for comforting classics to prepare during the holiday season. 

    These homey yet elevated ideas are ideal for informal family brunches, cozy dinners while binging holiday movies, and “what are we going to do with all of these leftovers?” meals.



    It’s (much) easier than you think to add a little surf to your turf this season.

    Photographer and Instagram influencer Chad Montano has the perfect way to elevate your holiday meal in less than five minutes: JUST ADD SEAFOOD

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