Product Guides

  1. Steak guide | SRF

    Guide: How to Cook a Steak

    Steak is considered by many to be the ultimate meal. Fortunately, preparing a spectacular steak dinner is easy by following a few basic steps. Ready to start mastering the perfect steak? We've included a few pro tips so even the most proficient steak master might find a new trick or two. For a memorable steak dinner, it's critical to start with beef of the highest quality, like any of the cuts from Snake River Farms.

  2. Kurobuta Ham Cooking Guide

    Guide: How to cook a Ham

    Kurobuta hams are one of the most special products we offer at Snake River Farms. The people who buy our hams are some of our most passionate and loyal customers! Each ham is sourced from 100% Berkshire pork, cured using traditional methods and smoked over real hardwood. This guide is designed to help you get the best possible dining experience.

    Although Snake River Farms Kurobuta hams are impressive on the table, they’re extremely easy to prepare. All Snake River hams are fully cooked, but for the richest flavor, they are best fully baked. Use the following instructions for a perfectly prepared ham you’ll be proud to serve.

  3. Brisket 101- a Guide to Smoking Brisket | SRF

    Brisket 101: A Guide to Smoking Brisket

    Smoking a brisket can feel like an impossible task, but we’re here to help. Our guide to “All Things Brisket” will put you one step closer to taming this intimidating cut. With a little planning, a high-quality brisket, a few simple ingredients, and time; amazing results can be accomplished at home. We heartily encourage you to take the plunge and give smoking a brisket a try!

  4. Prime Rib Cooking Guide

    Guide: How to cook Prime Rib

    For true prime rib lovers, those who fantasize about adorning the festive table with a carefully seared roast, who can envision that first savory bite of beef during summer daydreams — Snake River Farms is the gold standard. Our prime rib is crave worthy, luscious, and the only centerpiece worth considering.

    We've gathered everything you need to make the most of your prime rib here so you can prepare your most epic centerpiece yet. You’ll also find information to prepare our other beef roasts in this section.