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  1. Taking Comfort in the Joys- Holiday Traditions | SRF

    Taking Comfort in the Joys

    Little things add up during the holidays, like pulling out the faded index card with your grandma’s cookie recipe or finally learning your dad’s secret for perfect prime rib (who knew it was the salt?!). Offering your 4-year-old niece the questionable advice told to you by your uncle: Santa has to drink so much milk — why not give him a little glass of whiskey, instead? 

    These are the small, glittering moments that create traditions and forge bonds over generations, and every family has their own. We asked our Snake River Farms colleagues for their favorite holiday comforts. The crazy thing is, every family is different, but our comforts share one intangible quality. They bring us closer together. 

  2. Stewardship


    The world has changed a lot since Robert Rebholtz Sr. founded Agri Beef back in 1968. New conversations around sustainability

  3. True Ranch to Table

    True Ranch to Table

    The greatest challenge to any company wanting to produce the highest quality beef is the myriad of considerations throughout a long and complicated process, from the breeding to distributing the product out to the consumer and everything in between. In days of old, there’d be many different entities independently contributing to the supply chain. The bulls might be bred by independent ranchers, the feed yard its own independent operation, all sent to an independent processing facility. How could a company control quality across the process when so much was out of their hands?

  4. The visionary

    The Visionary

    A photo of Agri Beef founder, Robert Rebholtz Sr., hangs in our Boise, Idaho headquarters. White cowboy hat on his head, red kerchief around his neck, he peers off into the distance like a man looking into tomorrow. As a child, he spent his summers working at a Basque lamb operation in Stockton, CA. This is where he developed his passion of ranching and livestock that would guide the direction of his life.

  5. The Tipping Point

    The Tipping Point

    Executive VP of Strategy and PR,  Jay Theiler, recalls having to fly around the country with a cooler bag of steaks and educate buyers and chefs about what Snake River Farms had to offer. It was 2003 and very little was known about American Wagyu beef. Robert Rebholtz Jr. believed in our premium line, but they’d have to work hard to create a market that didn’t at that time exist.

  6. The Herd

    The Herd

    You’ll find our herd grazing up in the foothills east of the Double R Ranch in Loomis, Washington. The cowboys ride their rounds, tracking down stragglers, checking on the health of the animals. In small bunches, a dozen head here, a mother and calf over there, the herd mills in the cool shade within the pine and aspen, feeding on high mountain grass.

  7. Home Free

    Home Free

    The Double R Ranch, the heart of Snake River Farm's Wagyu operations, is remote, breathtaking, and not for the faint of heart. But that’s why ranchers Kent and Lana Clark love it. 

    Robert Jacob Lerma made his way to the ranch last fall and wrote down his thoughts and observations from the journey. 

  8. Sustainability at Snake River Farms

    Sustainability at Snake River Farms

    What is sustainability? How does Snake River Farms work to be a more sustainable company?

    Many companies use the term “sustainability” as a marketing buzzword, but at Snake River Farms we go beyond words to take real steps to lower our carbon footprint. 

    As an agricultural company, Agri Beef, the parent company of Snake River Farms, has a special responsibility to create the most sustainable practices possible. Our company is involved in every step of beef production from start to finish, allowing us the unusual opportunity to have a larger total impact on the entire process.

  9. Snake River Farms - Who We Are

    Snake River Farms - Who We Are

    Snake River Farms is the Pioneer of American Wagyu beef. We're a family owned and operated company that's been in business for 55 years.

    Learn about our history, our integrated approach to beef production and how we work every day to achieve the goal of our founder, Robert Rebholtz Sr. “We want our customers to want to do business with us.”

  10. A Family Affair- the people who bring SRF to your table share what's on theirs.

    A Family Affair- the people who bring SRF to your table share what's on theirs.

    Why do we spend weeks spooning masa into corn husks, baking more sugar cookies than the entire U.S. Army could eat, or cracking dozens of eggs into vats of eggnog? Why go to so much trouble for a meal that will last 12 or 15 minutes, at most?

    Because it's tradition. Your mom did it. So did her mom, and her mom before her, and her mom before her, stretching back all the way to some distant past we've only seen in black-and-white pictures. Or maybe before that, even. Who knows! Itís tradition. And tradition is the glue that binds families together.   

    This year, we asked our Snake River Farms family members about their must-do holiday routines. And you know what? We discovered all traditions celebrate the same thing: the simple joy of being together.

  11. Future Forward - How we work to be more sustainable.

    Future Forward - How we work to be more sustainable.

    For Snake River Farms, sustainable practices are more than marketing. They’re a treasured responsibility.

  12. Snake River Farms: A Cowboy's Legacy

    Snake River Farms: A Cowboy's Legacy

    Snake River Farms is part of Agri Beef Co., a family owned and operated business that was founded in 1968 by Robert Rebholtz, Sr. 

    Learn about the humble beginnings of our company and how Rebholtz pioneered American Wagyu beef. 

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