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  • Create a Memorable Holiday Meal with our Kurobuta Pork Crown Roast

    10/30/2014 by Dave Yasuda


    Here in Idaho the days are getting shorter and the leaves are falling which means the holiday meal planning season is officially upon us. First up is Thanksgiving which is synonymous with “turkey” for most households. For a change of pace or to up the ante for a large holiday crowd, consider the Snake River Farms Kurobuta Pork Crown Roast for a spectacular holiday meal.

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  • Double Smoked Ham with Peach-Pomegranate Glaze

    10/27/2014 by Dave Yasuda


    Clint Cantwell, editor of, shared this unique recipe that compliments the savory flavor profile of Snake River Farms Kurobuta ham with a sweet glaze of peach and pomegranate. For an added dimension of flavor, Clint recommends cooking the ham in a smoker. The glaze is also delicious slathered on Snake River Farms hams and baked in a conventional oven. Continue reading

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  • Pimento-Jalapeno Cheeseburgers

    10/03/2014 by Sean Olson


    This cheeseburger distinguishes itself as a southern-style peppery treat that will provide a unique option to the standard grilling fare. Besides, who doesn’t appreciate an excuse to bring out the pimento?

    Kenji Says: “There's something about the way the caviar of the South (as pimento cheese is affectionately known) melts into a rich, oozy coating, its acidity and punch of pimento flavor accenting a thick and juicy grilled burger in a way that regular cheese just can't.” Continue reading

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