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  • Pimento-Jalapeno Cheeseburgers

    10/03/2014 by Sean Olson


    Recipe Courtesy of J. Kenji López-Alt at the Food Lab (See the original here)

    This cheeseburger distinguishes itself as a southern-style peppery treat that will provide a unique option to the standard grilling fare. Besides, who doesn’t appreciate an excuse to bring out the pimento?

    Kenji Says: “There's something about the way the caviar of the South (as pimento cheese is affectionately known) melts into a rich, oozy coating, its acidity and punch of pimento flavor accenting a thick and juicy grilled burger in a way that regular cheese just can't.” Continue reading

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  • Fire Roasted Hatch Chile Cheese

    10/03/2014 by Sean Olson

    Recipe Courtesy of Clint Cantwell at (See the original here)

    New Mexicans have known for hundreds of years that chile grown in the arid southwest is better than the average pepper. The spicy roasted flavor of the chile, along with the traditional flavor accompaniment of garlic and onion, will make this dip the go-to delicious appetizer for any dish that follows.

    Clint says: “Here’s one of my favorite hatch chile recipes – a southwestern twist on traditional southern pimento cheese substituting pimentos for chopped fire roasted hatch chiles.” Continue reading

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  • Snake River Farms Kurobuta Mini-Karver Ham

    09/24/2014 by Sean Olson


    Our hams have been called the most flavorful in the world and for good reason. Your Snake River Farms Kurobuta Ham has been cured and prepared for you already, just follow these instructions and you will have an impressive gourmet feast! Continue reading

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