• How to Prepare an American Wagyu Manhattan Roast

    12/09/2016 by Dave Yasuda


    You don't have to live in New York City to enjoy a luxurious Manhattan roast. Cut from the same tender section as our NY Strips, the Manhattan is full of rich beef flavor and has a firm, but tender texture. Read on to learn how to prepare this magnificent new roast

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  • Which Ham Should I Buy?

    11/11/2016 by Dave Yasuda


    A glance at the calendar shows we’re well into the month November. Now is the time to order a Snake River Farms Kurobuta ham for your holiday dinner!  We offer our hams as both bone-in and boneless varieties and in multiple sizes. One of the most frequent questions we receive is “which ham should I buy?”

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  • Peach and Rosemary Grilled Kurobuta Pork Chops

    10/14/2016 by Sean Olson

    Hess Pork Chops 1

    The simple flavor of a pork chop makes for a pleasurable meal, but adding some spiced fruit is the surefire way to create an unforgettable experience.

    Our friends Ken and Jessica Hess created an easy and delicious way to turn just a few minutes of work into the best pork chops you'll ever try. Continue reading

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  • Embracing a Thanksgiving Ham

    11/17/2016 by Sean Olson

    smoked ham slice

    One man lamented that “turkey has been done. To death.” Another woman warned of a mediocre meal with what her family thinks of as “the dreaded bird.”  Others sing the praises of variety over “ho-hum” custom.

    No matter the reason, an outpouring of friends and customers were eager to share how thankful they were for changes to the same old turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. Their rebellion against years of tradition was mostly boiled down to one thing: they wanted an upgrade. Continue reading

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  • Herb-Crusted Pork Short Ribs

    10/20/2016 by Sean Olson

    Short Rib Ken Hess

    The Pork Short Ribs will be the meatiest your ever sink your teeth into. Our friends at Ken Hess BBQ cover them with herbs, spices and a lemon honey drizzle before serving to delighted crowds. Continue reading

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  • How to Smoke a Snake River Farms American Wagyu Tri-Tip on a Traeger Grill

    10/07/2016 by Dave Yasuda


    We’ve worked with Traeger Wood Fired Grills over the years and thought it would be great to develop recipes together. Here's a fast and simple way to prepare our American Wagyu Tri-Tip by Marco Niccoli, the Culinary Director & Executive Chef for Traeger.

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