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  • Sparkling Potatoes: Or How to Win at Camping

    12/11/2014 by Sean Olson


    Planning a centerpiece for a meal under the stars is simple. Grab a couple of steaks or a roast and get to cooking it over the campfire. Easy stuff. But, as I have been informed regularly by responsible people, grown-ups are supposed to serve side dishes too.

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  • Campfire Cowboy Chop

    12/05/2014 by Dave Yasuda

    cowboy chop on the grill_final

    Today’s post is written by Gregg Dabb, Ecommerce Director of Operations for Snake River Farms.

    Every fall, my father, three brothers and I come together from across the Northwest and retreat to our rustic roots in Western Colorado. We leave behind our daily routines to recharge and take in the outdoors and all its beauty. At face value, this is an annual hunting trip, but to us it's a rare opportunity to share dedicated time with family.

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  • Grill Smoked Double R Ranch Brisket

    11/28/2014 by Dave Yasuda

    Clint DRR Brisket coverWhen we hear the word "brisket" around here, we instinctively start to break out the smoker. What if you don't have a smoker sitting on your back patio? BBQ and grilling guru Clint Cantwell shows how to cook up a mouth-watering Double R Ranch brisket using a regular charcoal kettle grill. See how easy, and delicious, it is to create a barbecue classic without any special equipment.

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