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  • Here's What to do With Your Leftover Ham Bones: Soup!

    04/09/2015 by Sean Olson

    Hambone soup

    There are a lot of people that tell a similar hambone soup story. It goes that in their family, hams were appreciated, but the real meal came when the clan matriarch made stew with the leftovers.

    They tell it wistfully, with apparent nostalgia. Usually the stories bring to mind a large, warm, family dining room. It might remind you of your first family dog. Others in the family carry on the recipe, but there is always reverence for how it used to be done.

    I dislike these stories. Continue reading

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  • Snake River Farms March Madness Burger Bar

    03/23/2015 by Dave Yasuda


    The NCAA Basketball Tournament (aka "March Madness") is one of America's biggest sporting events. By now you've probably filled out the winning bracket, watched a few games and are ready to cheer on your favorite teams.

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  • Pork Crown Roast and Balsamic Potatoes

    03/10/2015 by Sean Olson


    Pork has not always shown me the same respect I have always tried to afford to it.

    For all the careful attentions I have given various pork cuts, the pig has repaid me with rejection. Not outright, as even bad pork is better eating than your average not-pork, but a subtle and infuriating version that kept any pork dishes from being anything better than average. And I believe most people would agree that mediocrity is a uniquely disturbing purgatory in cooking.

    But this isn’t a sad story. The good guys win. The hero, a crown roast in this case, swings in to save the day. Hang in there. Continue reading

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