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  • Grilled Ribeye with Arugula and Parmesan

    07/09/2015 by Dave Yasuda


    A richly marbled ribeye is the top choice for many steak experts. Add peppery arugula, fresh lemon juice and salty parmesan cheese and you have a delicious way to balance the natural richness of a ribeye and create a meal that is pure magic when summer starts to turn up the heat.

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  • Carne Adovada on Navajo Fry Bread

    06/30/2015 by Sean Olson


    There are dishes served in New Mexico that will make you question the very foundation of your existence.

    It all seems much shakier when you realize how good juevos rancheros are supposed to be. What else have you been missing? Is this how food tastes in other parts of the Multi-Verse and some just slipped into our dimension? Does this portend other momentous changes in the laws of physics, mathematical truths or even our own perceptions?

    And, oh wow, I haven’t seen the Ewoks movie since I was a kid. What if it wasn’t that good?

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  • Brown Butter Roasted Potatoes with Bacon and Pearl Onions from "Will Cook for Smiles"

    06/15/2015 by Dave Yasuda

    Brown-Butter-Roasted-Potatoes-with-Bacon-and-Pearl-Onions-3-from-willcookforsmiles.com_It's no mystery we love a good steak around here, but we also enjoy a stellar side dish. Anyone care for potatoes roasted in brown butter with bacon and pearl onions? Yes please! A great recipe from the blog Will Cook for Smiles.

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