1. Call of the Wild - Outdoor Cooking with SRF

    Call of the Wild - Outdoor Cooking with SRF

    Gerard Masih loves his rugged hunting lifestyle. But when it's time to camp with the family, easy does it. You can follow him on Instagram: @gmas101

  2. Backwoods Bar | SRF

    Backwoods Bar

    Camping and cocktails are a summertime match made in heaven.

    Yes, you can pop the top of a can of beer, but it's also easy to turn your campsite into a craft cocktail lounge. Here are some tips to bring a touch of civilization to the great outdoors. 

  3. Backyard Grilling


    Robert Jacob Lerma is a photographer, BBQ aficionado, brand ambassador and the founder of Smoke + Mash, a social club focused on the culture of smoke (BBQ, live fire cooking, cigars) and mash (spirits). RJL lives in Austin, Texas and is a well-known figure in the world of Texas BBQ.

    “My love for Texas BBQ began when I first visited in 2005. My family is from South Texas, but I grew up in California. During that initial trip, I embarked on a BBQ journey through Texas and became enamored with the culture. I still remember my first bite of great brisket at Louie Mueller. From that point, I was hooked and moved to Austin in the summer of 2008,” says RJL.

    RJL is a member of Team SRF and is a Brand Ambassador for GORUCK, Hedley and Bennett, Halo Products, Lynx Grills, Fogo Charcoal and Iowa BBQ Store. His photography clients include YETI, Drew Estate and Patron. His images have been featured in numerous publications including National Geographic, NYTimes, Esquire, Forbes, Food & Wine, Bon Appétit and Outside.

  4. Chef Kelly Cahoon

    Take it Outside

    When the warm weather calls, it’s time to take your feast outside. Team SRF member Kelly Cahoon loves to entertain outdoors. This trained chef and busy mother firmly believes “more is more” when it comes to hosting an event, even something as casual as a summer picnic.

    Kelly put together a perfect summer spread for her family and friends highlighting Snake River Farms using her culinary know-how. Learn all about her creative secrets and dive into her amazing recipes.

  5. Summer Grilling for a Group

    Summer Grilling for a Group

    Grilling is synonymous with steak. Here at Snake River Farms we heartily support that notion. But here’s a thought - the next time you have a bunch of friends and family heading to your backyard, try firing up a larger cut of beef or pork.

    Team SRF, our hand-picked squad of chefs, pitmasters and grilling experts, presents three delicious recipes, custom made for a larger number of hungry folks.

  6. Summer Like a Pro

    Summer Like a Pro

    Summer is the time to get outside and exercise your grilling muscles. We convinced some of our favorite BBQ and grilling experts to share their never-fail backyard grilling tips and secrets. There's something here for both beginning and expert grill masters.  We learned a few new tricks we're ready to try out right away. 

    Take a spin through these 12 ideas then fire up the grill and get ready to summer like a pro!

  7. Pork Collar vs Pork Shoulder

    Pork Collar vs Pork Shoulder

    What's the difference between a pork shoulder and a pork collar?

    A pork shoulder is exactly as described - the shoulder of the hog.

    The collar is part of the larger shoulder and is cut from the  portion that runs from the neck to the tip of the loin. Technically it is called a “center cut boneless pork butt”.

    Learn more about the background of the pork shoulder and the collar as we break down the details below.



    The first step to becoming a successful pitmaster is selecting a smoker that best suits your needs. Anyone who’s done a little smoker shopping can tell you there are many choices available to produce that classic smokey goodness. 

    Discover more about the different types of smokers, the differences between them and how to find the one that fits your style and budget.

  9. What are Brisket Burnt Ends?

    What are Brisket Burnt Ends?

    Burnt ends. The name itself doesn’t sound appetizing, but to anyone who has had the pleasure of biting into one of these beautiful brisket bites, it conjures up visions of a savory, rich BBQ delicacy.

    Learn more about burnt ends, and more importantly, how to make them yourself in the article below.

  10. How to Make an Awesome Burger

    How to Make an Awesome Burger

    Nothing says summer like a batch of hamburgers sizzling on the grill. These backyard bash staples are easy to make — and even easier to level up with these simple tips.

  11. Summer Secrets

    Summer Secrets

    Ever wonder how some people pull off the perfect backyard barbecue without breaking a sweat? Chances are, they have little workarounds designed to limit prep while maximizing lounge time.

    Take a look at some our tips, tricks and  suggestions to make your next bash a snap.

  12. An Expert's Guide to Grills

    An Expert's Guide to Grills

    There’s nothing like cooking in the great outdoors. The aroma and sounds of steaks sizzling on an open grill are the best part of a summer day. 

    Whether you're looking for your first grill, looking to replace your current one or add a new piece of equipment to your collection, This guide will help you select the ideal grill for you and your cooking style. 

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