1. Gifts for Meat Smokers

    7 Awesome Gift Ideas for Meat Smokers

    It’s that time of year when we’re all looking for unique and delicious gifts for those who smoke meat. If you have a discerning pitmaster on your gift list we have great ideas for you. Snake River Farms supplies the top competition teams with American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork. Here is our list of seven top-notch gifts for smoking meat based on our experience and expertise.

  2. Brisket for Thanksgiving - Why Not?

    Brisket for Thanksgiving - Why Not?

    Grown tired of eating the same menu year after year? Not the biggest fan of turkey? A brisket for Thanksgiving is the perfect solution. Snake River Farms briskets easily feed a large crowd and come in various sizes to satisfy the appetites at your family gathering.

  3. Meet Southside Market and Barbeque

    Meet Southside Market and Barbeque

    Meet our partners, Bryan and Rachel Bracewell, the third-generation proprietors of Southside Market and Barbecue. Southside provides the expertise to produce our new line of fully cooked American Wagyu smoked brisket, Kurobuta pork steaks, and beef and pork sausages.

    These new products are the delicious result of combining our quality beef and pork with Southside’s 140 years of experience.  Learn about Southside’s deep history that started in Texas back in 1882.

  4. SRF x Southside Market

    SRF x Southside Market

    Southside Market and Barbeque in Elgin, Texas is the oldest BBQ operation in the state. That’s one of the reasons Snake River Farms decided to work with Southside for our new line of fully cooked American Wagyu and Kurobuta pork items.

    Robert Jacob Lerma took a drive to Elgin to spend some time with the current owners, Bryan and Rachel Bracewell. Read on to find out more about Southside and their partnership with SRF.



    The first step to becoming a successful pitmaster is selecting a smoker that best suits your needs. Anyone who’s done a little smoker shopping can tell you there are many choices available to produce that classic smokey goodness. 

    Discover more about the different types of smokers, the differences between them and how to find the one that fits your style and budget.

  6. What to Do with the Brisket Trimmings

    What to Do with the Brisket Trimmings

    Brisket trimmings are incredibly versatile in the kitchen and can be used for so many things. While many simply toss their trimmings aside, we suggest saving them and using them in a variety of recipes. From burgers to pure cooking tallow, brisket trim can add a world of flavor to your menu.

  7. What are Brisket Burnt Ends?

    What are Brisket Burnt Ends?

    Burnt ends. The name itself doesn’t sound appetizing, but to anyone who has had the pleasure of biting into one of these beautiful brisket bites, it conjures up visions of a savory, rich BBQ delicacy.

    Learn more about burnt ends, and more importantly, how to make them yourself in the article below.

  8. An Introduction to Competition BBQ

    An Introduction to Competition BBQ

    What likely started out as two neighbors competing for the best 'que on the block has turned into one of today’s most spirited food competitions.

    While the art of smoking meat is nothing new, the last decade has seen competitive BBQ explode onto the food scene. 

    Learn the basics of competition barbecue from SRF's own Meat Maven and BBQ expert Annella Kelso. She'll also fill you in on the KCBS, the SRF Challenge and the 180 Club.