1. Gold Grade Wagyu Beef Brisket

This brisket is one of our top gifts for meat smokers. The Snake River Farms Gold Grade American Wagyu brisket is the best available and is THE choice for the top competition teams in the world. Each brisket is packed with abundant marbling, smokes up beautifully, and must be tasted to be believed. To up the gifting ante, add SRF X Oren BBQ butcher paper, the choice of BBQ champs.

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a photo of gold grade wagyu beef brisket, a perfect gift for meat smokers.
a photo of a bone-in kurobuta pork shoulder, a perfect gift for meat smokers.

2. Bone-In Kurobuta Pork Shoulder

Expert and novice smokers alike love the forgiving nature of this mammoth cut of 100% Kurobuta pork. It’s filled with fine streaks of marbling which melt in the smoker and transforms into mountains of luscious pulled pork. It’s cut using the Japanese break which yields a larger shoulder. The average weight is 17 pounds. It’s near impossible to overcook this beauty and a longer smoke time equates to a finished product that’s more tender and juicier.

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3. American Wagyu Tri-Tip

The tri-tip originated in Central California where it remains a star of smoking sessions. American Wagyu beef adds richness and makes the Snake River Farms tri-tip one of the best gifts for meat smokers. Pair with the SRF Santa Maria Seasoning for an authentic flavor experience. Blessed with hearty beefiness, the tri-tip is a superb choice to wow your favorite pitmaster. 

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a photo of american wagyu tri-tip, a perfect gift for meat smokers.
a photo of american wagyu short ribs, a perfect gift for meat smokers.

4. American Wagyu Short Ribs

Affectionately called dinosaur ribs because of their large size and primal appearance, our American Wagyu short ribs are a top gift for meat smokers. Each 3-bone section weighs about 6 pounds and contains a mind-boggling amount of Wagyu marbling. As the ribs gently cook in the smoker, the meat recedes to reveal the large rib bones inside.

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5. American Kurobuta Baby Back Ribs

Shower the rib lover on your gift list with tender and flavorful Kurobuta baby back ribs. Smaller in size than traditional spare ribs, Snake River Farms baby backs are 100% purebred Kurobuta pork with a deep pink color. Kurobuta pork is infused with fine streaks of marbling which lifts these baby back ribs to the top tier of quality and rich flavor.

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a photo of baby back ribs, a perfect gift for meat smokers.

6. Weber Smokey Mountain 22" Charcoal Smoker

Here’s a gift for the aspiring pitmaster. The Weber’s Smokey Mountain has launched legions of meat smoking fans. It’s easy to use, relatively compact and burns readily available charcoal. The 22” size offers up 726 square inches of cooking space and is large enough to smoke a small brisket. There is a tremendous amount of info about the Smokey Mountain available online. Owners of this smoker gain entrance to a club filled with thousands of like-minded pitmasters.

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7. Looftlighter Electric Firestarter

Fire up your charcoal kettle or Kamado style smoker fast and easy with this electric starter. The Looftlighter blows a hot airstream at 1256°F that gets charcoal ready for action in just a few minutes. The safety casing protects from the heat so you can keep your cool.

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