1. Taking Comfort in the Joys- Holiday Traditions | SRF

    Taking Comfort in the Joys

    Little things add up during the holidays, like pulling out the faded index card with your grandma’s cookie recipe or finally learning your dad’s secret for perfect prime rib (who knew it was the salt?!). Offering your 4-year-old niece the questionable advice told to you by your uncle: Santa has to drink so much milk — why not give him a little glass of whiskey, instead? 

    These are the small, glittering moments that create traditions and forge bonds over generations, and every family has their own. We asked our Snake River Farms colleagues for their favorite holiday comforts. The crazy thing is, every family is different, but our comforts share one intangible quality. They bring us closer together. 

  2. Home Free

    Home Free

    The Double R Ranch, the heart of Snake River Farm's Wagyu operations, is remote, breathtaking, and not for the faint of heart. But that’s why ranchers Kent and Lana Clark love it. 

    Robert Jacob Lerma made his way to the ranch last fall and wrote down his thoughts and observations from the journey. 

  3. A Family Affair- the people who bring SRF to your table share what's on theirs.

    A Family Affair- the people who bring SRF to your table share what's on theirs.

    Why do we spend weeks spooning masa into corn husks, baking more sugar cookies than the entire U.S. Army could eat, or cracking dozens of eggs into vats of eggnog? Why go to so much trouble for a meal that will last 12 or 15 minutes, at most?

    Because it's tradition. Your mom did it. So did her mom, and her mom before her, and her mom before her, stretching back all the way to some distant past we've only seen in black-and-white pictures. Or maybe before that, even. Who knows! Itís tradition. And tradition is the glue that binds families together.   

    This year, we asked our Snake River Farms family members about their must-do holiday routines. And you know what? We discovered all traditions celebrate the same thing: the simple joy of being together.

  4. Ranch to Table

    Ranch to Table

    Have you ever wondered why Snake River Farms beef tastes so good? The short answer: We're involved at every step of the process, from start to finish. Sometimes we call this comprehensive integration “Ranch to Table” to make it easy to understand.

    Read more about our unique approach and learn how Snake River Farms is different from other beef companies.