Whole Boneless Ham - Large

American Kurobuta

Here is the Kurobuta ham for folks who prefer the bone removed. These savory hams use the same special curing process and are finished with smoke from real hardwood. No bone makes slicing a breeze. 

This ham weighs a minimum of 7 lbs. 

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This is the boneless version of the Snake River Farms hams made from 100% Kurobuta pork. Removing the bone makes cutting and serving fast and easy. These boneless hams are made the same way as all our hams with a special curing process using a signature recipe and a final smoke over real hardwood. Whether you’re carving one of these savory hams at your holiday table or making spectacular sandwiches at a picnic get-together, you’ll appreciate how easy it is to cut uniform and delicious slices.

Average ham weight: 7.5 pounds. This boneless ham is a natural product, and the actual weight can vary by +/- 0.5 pounds. How much ham per person do you need? We recommend about 8 ounces per dinner guest — more if you like leftovers for sandwiches.

Wondering how boneless ham is made? We simply carve out the bone, then reform the Kurobuta pork to create a superior, boneless, easy-carve ham you can slice right at the table.

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Whole Boneless Ham - Large