Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

These are the shortcuts, must-haves, and secret methods we use in our own kitchens.

Hot Topic

Temperature is key. Always use a fast read thermometer. Just insert it into the side of the cut you're cooking until the tip of the thermometer is in the center. Remove the meat from heat when it reaches your desired temperature. Thermoworks Super-Fast Pocket Thermometer, $24

Rich and Rare

Our Hanger Steak is a favorite around here — so much so that it’s hard to get your hands on! If you ever find this in stock, you need to grab it. Trust us! It is a spectacular piece of meat. SRF Black Grade Hanger Steak, $85

Seasoning Tip

Let your steak or roast rest at room temperature for an hour before cooking. Season generously with salt, pepper, or your favorite rub. Our newly launched Santa Maria Seasoning has been a big hit. Buy it on its own or grab the SRF Crafted Seasoning Pack and experiment with all 4. SRF Crafted Seasonal Pack, $49

Let it Marinate

Our steaks are rich and flavorful with just salt and pepper, but feel free to use your favorite marinade. We recommend about ½ cup per pound of product. Tender cuts need just 30 to 60 minutes, while coarser-grained, less-tender meats can go for three to four hours.

Family Affair

Did you know we have been in business since 1968? We have been doing what we do for over 50 years. Still family-run and owned, we remain focused on the same mission: Delivering high-quality beef and the best customer service.

Give it a Rest

For the most juicy and flavorful steaks and roasts, always allow them to rest before slicing. This allows time for juices to be reabsorbed and for flavors to bloom. Rest steaks for 5 to 10 minutes and roasts for at least 20 minutes.

Tie it Up!

Not only does tying your holiday roast make for a beautiful presentation, it’s also practical! Use butcher twine for unevenly shaped roasts (like beef tenderloin) or stuffed roasts to help them cook more evenly.

Protect Yourself

Don’t spill on your clothes, cause ain’t nobody got time for that! This SRF Hedley & Bennett Apron is as stylish as it is functional. SRF
Hedley & Bennett Apron, $95

Knives Out

Whether you’re in charge of the holiday ham and roast or just enjoying a good steak, a good sharp knife is key! We love our Shun knives.

Culture Clash

The Zabuton is a East meets West story! Limited quantities of this cut are available. It’s a true rarity out in the market. SRF Black Grade Zabuton, $79

The Right Mix

Taking SPG to the next level, this specialty formulated blend from Jacobsen Salt is a must-try on your favorite SRF or Double R Ranch steak. Jacobsen x SRF Garlic & Black Pepper Salt, $15

Roll Out the Barrel

Aged 18 years and bottled from a single perfect barrel, Elijah Craig 18 is a complex bourbon that complements the bold flavor of our American Wagyu.

Big Iron

The steakhouse method is a go-to around Snake River Farms. Grab your favorite steak and a good cast iron skillet and you’re ready for action.

Pair Bold with Gold

The 2018 Amuse Bouche Napa Valley Red Blend, awarded 98 points by The Wine Advocate, exudes bold freshness and a full-bodied palate. Winery owner John Schwartz recommends it with a Gold Manhattan.

You Had Me at Bacon

Make brunch memorable by coating our Kurobuta bacon in a mix of sugar, pepper and chili and baking in the oven. Simple and so good! American Kurobuta Bacon, $29.

Mild or Wild

Are you the hot or sweet type? Good news! We have both. Introducing our must-try new sausages. Sausage Links, $12

Office Heros

We took a poll to see where the team stands on their favorite steaks. It was a tie between skirt steak and pichana. If you haven’t had a chance to try one, we recommend you do. SRF Black Grade Skirt Steak (left), $84. SRF Black Grade Picanha (right), $89

All Wrapped Up

Are you a BBQ pro looking for butcher paper for your next smole? Check out our new premium paper, made by the same manufacture the winners use. SRF X Oren Pink BBQ Butcher Paper, $35