Snake River Farms is used to doing things differently than the rest of the herd. From creating an entirely new breed of cattle to controlling every aspect of our supply chain, we’re comfortable blazing a trail in less-traveled territory.

That attitude extends to helping you send truly memorable corporate gifts to your important clients or customers.

A gift of American Wagyu beef is an experience — an exceptional product to share with family and friends while connecting over the finer aspects of life. Our distinctively delicious beef creates a meal at home that's far superior to most steakhouses and fine dining restaurants. 

Show them you appreciate their loyalty and support with gifts that truly stand out from the crowd and include personalized service that makes the whole process a breeze.

Gifts They Can Sink Their Teeth Into

American Wagyu beef is the best you’ll ever taste. Period. Think of the poshest restaurant you’ve been to and their best steak offering. It was likely graded USDA Prime, which means it was a good piece of meat. Snake River Farms Black and Gold Grade American Wagyu beef grades above Prime with more marbling, richer flavor and better texture. The quality of our beef is recognized across the spectrum of dining experieces. Our American Wagyu beef is served in Michelin-starred restaurants, top-tier steakhouses and has helped top BBQ Pitmasters win championships.

A corporate gift of American Wagyu Gold grade steaks shows clients that you know superior quality when you see it — and taste it. But you’ve got more standout choices with our USDA Choice and USDA Prime beef selections as well. From luxurious filet mignons to impressive T-bones to full packer briskets to exotic dry-aged cuts, we can help you choose the gifts that fit your budget and your brand.

All of these are gifts with teeth. Clients will sit up, take notice and remember your SRF gift long after the occasion has passed.

Personal Attention from a Real Person

Organizing and ordering corporate gifts can be a real headache. Either email messages go weeks without replies or hours of time evaporate while you’re transferred from department to department for help compiling your selections.

It’s different at Snake River Farms. For all orders of 20 or more gifts, one message puts you in touch with a personal concierge — a real, live human being who’s dedicated to making your experience as simple and easy as possible. They’ll listen to your needs and work hard to craft the customized gifts that suit your budget while highlighting your company’s brand. We won’t limit you to pre-packaged gifts, either. Whether you’re sending a few American Wagyu cuts to your most exclusive clients or arranging gifts for hundreds of employees, we’ll help you choose the best meat, seasonings and SRF gear to wow them at your preferred price point.


Gifting Your Values: Eco-Friendly Packaging

The way a gift is wrapped can be just as important as what’s inside. And we’re not just talking about pretty paper and sparkly bows. When your clients receive a package from Snake River Farms, they’ll see your earth-friendly values front and center.

Sustainability is important to us at Snake River Farms. We know that treating our animals, land and neighbors with respect and care helps all of us look forward to a better tomorrow. We take just as much care designing eco-friendly packaging as we do breeding exceptional cattle.

Your corporate gifts arrive in fully recyclable boxes with insulation made from biodegradable vegetable matter — no Styrofoam here! And for a gift that keeps on giving, we include a seasonal thermal tote that can be used for picnics or other outings. Your recipients will notice and remember your attention to detail in choosing gifts that minimize waste.

Custom Messaging to Suit Your Brand

What’s the point of corporate gifts? You want to show appreciation for stellar clients or exceptional employees — and you want them to know how important they are to you as individuals. 

Your concierge will help you choose a level of gifting that includes personalization appropriate to your needs and budget. Whether you want to craft a special message that tells your brand story, write a short note to each recipient or simply include names of individuals on each package, we’ll walk you through the process and streamline it for you. We’ll even create branded inserts for each package that highlight your company’s unique look. Your Snake River Farms corporate gifts will make a lasting impression of quality, value and character.