We’ve all heard those “fresh, never frozen” claims from fast-food chains. They say their burgers are better because somehow freezing the beef lowers its quality.

Is that true? How does the freezing process affect meat? Are there good and bad ways to freeze food?

When your Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork products arrive packed in vacuum-sealed containers with dry ice or ice packs — how can you be sure they’re safe and in optimal condition for a great meal?

We’re committed to bringing the best to your family’s table. Here’s the lowdown on how our methods for packaging and preserving your SRF products deliver superior safety, nutrition and flavor every time.

Fast-Freezing for Safer Saving

At Snake River Farms, we believe in doing things the right way, which isn’t always the conventional way. We want the steaks, pork chops and other SRF meat products you order to arrive at your door safely, so you’ll know you’re putting the best meal on the table for your family.

The only way to send meat across the miles with any measure of safety is to freeze it. Microbes like bacteria, yeast and mold cannot thrive in a frozen environment. The freezing process also stops natural enzymes in meat from deteriorating quality. That means meat will not spoil or develop foodborne pathogens while it is kept frozen.

But we don’t just wrap your SRF American Wagyu steaks in aluminum foil and chuck them into a regular freezer. We take great care to package your premium purchases in a way that supports their safe freezing.

First, we wrap each piece of meat individually to eliminate any air pockets or areas where frost might form. Then, we use a blast freezer (set to minus 20 degrees) to reduce the freezing time and minimize the creation of ice crystals. Conventional freezing — the slower process that takes place in your home unit — forms large ice crystals that can stress and break the cell walls of meat products.


Frozen in Time for Peak Quality

When meat is frozen is just as important as how it is frozen. Our products are wet-aged for at least 21 days — no less — to bring them to their peak quality for flavor and tenderness. We closely monitor their progress, then wrap and freeze them immediately to stop the clock.
The quick-freeze method we use not only prevents crystal formation and spoilage but also locks in all the vitamins and minerals to preserve the nutritional qualities of our meat. That means each SRF roast, pork chop or steak is frozen at its optimal moment of perfection.


Reducing Waste, One Steak at a Time

With our individually frozen meat items, you can thaw and cook exactly what your family needs at the exact moment you need it. The USDA specifies that beef kept safely frozen maintains high quality for up to 12 months and pork for up to six months.

That means you can order those steaks for your Fourth of July family reunion in February, certain that they’ll be showstoppers for the festivities. It also means you can more easily plan regular meals for your family without worry or waste. Individually packaged roasts or chops let you decide when to use them, helping you make the most of your SRF selections.

Whether you’re sending the gift of SRF excellence to someone special, treating yourself to a monthly subscription of SRF deliveries or buying a few cuts for a momentous occasion, you can rest assured that our frozen meat products are safely frozen for an exceptional dining experience.