Enjoy the luxury, and convenience, of receiving Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef every month. Customize your plan with the type of products and the quantities that work best for you.  We’ll do the rest. Your subscription will ship free to your door every month. Want to mix it up? We have subscription boxes that combine our beef and Kurobuta pork.



Select one of our specially curated packages. Three options with different Snake River Farms meats are available. Available at different sizes to fit the needs of your household. 



Your special order is carefully packed in an insulated box and shipped directly to your door. Kurobuta pork and wet-aged beef ship frozen by FedEx 2-Day. Dry-aged products ship fresh overnight. 



Orders arrive the first Thursday of each month. Exercise your culinary skills or review our recipes for new ideas. You'll also find easy-to-follow cooking techniques in our Recipes & Tips section. 

  1. Beef

    Each month brings a new assortment of American Wagyu beef when you select this subscription package. We curate each special shipment to include steakhouse classics like filet mignon, New York strip or ribeyes and lesser known “chef’s secrets” like bavette or flat iron steaks. Our experts assemble monthly collections with best selling steaks and of ourlesser known, personal favorites. This box ships free of charge. All subscription boxes deliver the first Thursday of each month.

  2. Beef & Pork
    Beef & Pork

    Add some variety to your dinner table with an assortment of American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork. Kurobuta is the pork equivalent of American Wagyu or Kobe beef. It’s sourced from 100% Berkshire hogs, a heritage breed that is finely marbled, dark pink in color and superior in flavor to traditional grocery store pork. This combination box ships free and will make dinner time more interesting for you and your family. All subscription boxes deliver the first Thursday of each month.

  3. Dry-Aged

    Stock up in style with our exclusive dry-aged subscription box. We start with our best American Wagyu and USDA Prime subprimal cuts and carefully dry-age each selection. You will marvel at the heightened flavor and tenderness that only comes from beef that is dry-aged. The end result is the purest essence of beef that imbues each steak with rich, full flavor and provides an elevated eating experience. All subscription boxes deliver the first Thursday of each month.