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  1. Snake River Farms American Wagyu Tenderloin Roast: Buttery texture, rich flavor, perfect for roasting whole or as individual filet steaks.
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    Wagyu Tenderloin Roast
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A Snake River Farms American Wagyu tenderloin roast makes any dinner instantly memorable with its rich marbling and extravagant flavor. Choose a prime rib (also referred to as a ribeye roast) for a traditional approach or a tenderloin roast for an elegant meal.

What Is Filet Mignon Roast?

No other cut of beef is synonymous with special occasions like a filet mignon. This small-but-mighty steak is cut from the tenderloin, making it lean but flavorful with a buttery texture. A filet mignon roast is the whole tenderloin before it’s portioned into steaks. Considering it’s the most luxurious cut available, our filet mignon roast price reflects superior quality.

These versatile American Wagyu tenderloin roasts are made from a cross between purebred Wagyu and traditional American cattle, resulting in a flavor and texture that is a truly unique eating experience. Whether you roast one as the centerpiece of your special occasion table or cut one into individual steaks for the grill, you won’t be disappointed with our delicious American Wagyu tenderloin roasts. Each large tenderloin roast can be cut up into smaller filet mignon steaks (if you so desire) or roasted whole and cut into extremely tender, intensely flavorful slices for a crowd.

How to Cook Beef Tenderloin Roast:

Serve up an elegant holiday meal with this easy yet impressive beef tenderloin recipe from Team SRF member Mandy Tanner. Fresh ingredients and a zesty horseradish cream sauce elevate your dining experience to a celebration of flavors meant to be savored together with family and friends.

These roasts make fantastic steaks! Try this easy artisan butcher method and become the hero at your next gathering. Click here to learn how.