We recommend at least 8 ounces for each person at your table. If you want to have leftovers or your crowd is full of hearty eaters, use 12 ounces for your calculations.

The following table is a conservative guide to the number of servings for each of our hams:

Ham SizeAvg. WeightServingsCook TimeInternal Temp.
Half Boneless3.5 lbs.5-91.25 to 2 hrs.140°
Whole Boneless7 lbs.10-121.5 to 2.5 hrs.140°
Half Bone-In, Small6 lbs.8-101.5 to 2 hrs.140°
Half Bone-In, Large8 lbs.10-121.75 to 2.5 hrs.140°
Whole Bone-In, Large16 lbs.18-223.5 to 4 hrs.140°

*Our hams are fully cooked, but are best baked before serving