How Should I Store Leftover Prime Rib?

As soon as dinner is over, wrap leftover prime rib tightly in plastic wrap or enclose it in a sealed, airtight container. This helps retain the natural moisture. If you made au jus to serve with the roast, evenly cover the meat with the jus before packaging. After it’s wrapped or packed, place it in refrigerator.  

How Long Will Leftover Prime Rib Last?

Properly wrapped prime rib will keep in your refrigerator for up to five to seven days. If you want to store it for a longer period of time, place it in the freezer. Leftover prime rib keeps up to six months in a frozen state. 

SRF Prime Rib

What is the best way to Reheat Prime Rib?

It’s a challenge to reheat a pink, medium rare slice of prime rib so it retains a perfect degree of doneness. Cooking from a low heat is an excellent way without overcooking the beef. 

Stove Top Method

Fill a deep skillet with leftover au jus so there it is 1.5 to 2.0 inches deep. If you don’t have au jus, use a low sodium beef broth. Heat the liquid over medium-low.  

When the liquid is heated (no more than 150°F.), place the slices of prime rib into the warm liquid in a single layer. If your slices are large, you may have to do this one at a time.  

As soon as the prime rib reaches your desired temperature, remove from the broth. If using a thermometer, target an internal temperature of no more than 140°F. 

Oven Method

Heat your oven to 300°F.

Place the leftover prime rib in a roasting pan. Keep it to a single layer, if possible. If you have leftover au jus add ½ cup to the pan, distributing evenly over the slices. Low sodium beef broth or water also does the trick.

Cover the pan with foil. Crimp the edges tightly to seal the pan.

Heat for 20 to 30 minutes. Start checking at 15 minutes to prevent over-cooking. 

What to Do with Leftover Prime Rib?

Leftover prime rib offers a wealth of delicious meals. The basic sandwich is a great start. Or make it a bit more fancy and make prime rib French dips. Just place thin slices of prime rib on crusty rolls, heat up some beef stock and serve it on the side in small bowls. For a truly deluxe prime rib dip, see How to Make Au Jus for Prime Rib.

Leftover prime rib makes a mouthwatering steak salad. Prepare your favorite greens and toss with dressing. Top with slices of prime rib. Warming the beef makes a more appetizing dish.

For an amazing hot dish, try our Leftover Prime Rib Pot Pie.

Winter weather is soup weather and our Leftover Prime Rib & Barley Soup recipe will take the chill away from the coldest day.

No matter how you choose to serve your leftover prime rib, you’re in for a post-holiday treat.