American Wagyu Black™ Grade

Dry-Aged Rib Steak 32 Oz

American Wagyu Black™ Grade

Dry-Aged Rib Steak 32 Oz


This dry-aged, bone-in ribeye steak is a classic. Cut to 2 inches, this hefty steak is deeply marbled and dry-aged for a minimum of 30 days.

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Dry-aged ribeye evokes images of the dining room of a classic steakhouse. Turn your dining room into the best steakhouse in town with this deeply marbled rib steak that has been skillfully dry-aged for 30 or more days. The 32 ounce steak is cut thick with the bone still in place to please the most discriminating steak lover at your table. Each one of rib steaks is hand-cut to a thickness of at least two inches.

Snake River Farms dry-aged beef represents a higher echelon for our American Wagyu steaks. To achieve these extraordinary results, we utilize a proprietary system which controls and measures each step of the dry-aging process. Lighting, airflow, humidity, temperature and cleanliness are carefully controlled to create an environment which produces the purest essence of beef. The outcome is a rich, full-flavored steak which provides a unique, pure eating experience.

Beef Grading 101

This steak is American Wagyu Black Grade, rated 6 to 8 on the Japanese Beef Marbling Score (BMS)

Beef sold in the U.S. is graded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). There are eight total grades and the top grade is USDA Prime.

All Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef grades above Prime. Special breeds of cattle like Japanese Wagyu are capable of producing marbling beyond their American counterparts. To grade this high level of marbling, we adopted the Japanese Beef Marbling Score.

Using BMS, beef marbling is measured on a scale from 1 to 12, with a 1 being Select beef and a 12 being the highest level of marbling possible.

BMS 4 to 5     USDA Prime

BMS 6 to 8     SRF Black Grade

BMS 9+           SRF Gold Grade




The rib steak is cut from the rib primal which covers ribs six through twelve and is located between the chuck and loin primals. A full ribeye, like the rib steak, has three major muscles. The longissimus dorsi, or large center eye, the complexus, a smaller side muscle which is not always present depending on where the steak is cut, and the spinalis dorsi, also called the cap of ribyeye or deckle. The cap is universally known as the single most flavorful and tender cut. The muscles of the ribeye are held together with tender sinew with large swaths of rich fat between them.

Fast fact: Rib steaks are a bone-in ribeye and are also called cowboy steaks. 

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Dry-Aged Rib Steak 32 Oz