USDA Prime

Prime Rib Roast

USDA Prime

Prime Rib Roast


This generous sized boneless roast is a bona fide USDA Prime grade prime rib, for home chefs who want to serve something extraordinary for the holidays or other special occasions. 

Average weight: 6.5 lbs.

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Enjoy a true USDA Prime grade boneless prime rib with this special roast. Only about 4 to 5% of all the beef in the United States has the ample levels of marbling to achieve the USDA Prime rating. Each of these roasts is sourced from premium beef from the heart of the Northwest. The temperate weather and abundant feed sources create prime rib with a rich flavor and tenderness. Our USDA Prime, boneless prime rib roasts are hand selected and cut to our exacting specifications. This is a roast of exceptional quality and flavor, perfect for any holiday or event.

This is a natural product and the actual weight may vary by +/- 0.5 pounds.

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Beef Grading 101

This roast is USDA Prime, the highest level of marbling recognized by the USDA.

Beef sold in the U.S. is graded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). There are eight total grades and the top grade is USDA Prime.

The USDA describes Choice as “high quality, but has less marbling than Prime” which means our beef at this level is excellent Only about 4 to 5% of all beef graded in the U.S. has marbling to grade at this level. You can sometimes find USDA Prime at local butchers and higher-end grocery stores, but most of it goes to high end steakhouses and restaurants. Prime beef has excellent flavor and tenderness.

Marbling, or intramuscular fat, is the most important factor used to grade beef in the U.S. and around the world. This is determined by a visual inspection of the amount and distribution of intramuscular fat between the 12th and 13th rib. Historically, this single inspection provides a correct indicator of the entire carcass. 




A prime rib or rib roast is obtained from the rib primal and is located between the chuck and loin primals. Prime ribs are cut from the seven bone section of the rib primal from ribs number six to twelve. 

A prime rib has three major muscles. The longissimus dorsi, or large center eye, the complexus, a smaller side muscle which is not always present depending on which part of the primal the roast is cut, and the spinalis dorsi, also called the cap of ribeye or deckle. The muscles of the ribeye are held together with tender sinew with large swaths of rich fat between them.

Fast Fact: Prime ribs and ribeye steaks are cut from the same subprimal group of muscles. The different preparation methods account for the subtle taste difference. In a pinch, a prime rib can be cut into a plate of beautiful ribeye steaks.

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Prime Rib Roast