American Wagyu Black Grade

Filet Mignon 10 Oz With Chef's Gold

American Wagyu Black Grade

Filet Mignon 10 Oz With Chef's Gold


This amazing culinary pairing combines our top selling American Wagyu filet mignon and Chef's Gold, a round of dry-aged tenderloin fat.

Minimum order: 4 Filet Mignon with Chef's Gold


American Wagyu filet mignon is our top selling steak because of its fine velvety texture and wonderfully mild flavor. This special combination includes two, 10 oz. Black Grade filets mignons with two rounds of Chef's Gold. This is a rich and flavoful ingredient crafted by collecting tenderloin fat and dry-aging. It's imparts richness and the unimmitable flavor of dry-aged beef. The tenderloin, where the filet is sourced, is an extremely lean section of beef and does not respond well to dry-aging. To add the essence of dry-aged flavor to our filets, this unique duo of steaks includes two generous portions of Chef’s Gold.

Prime Food Distributor, our dry-aging partner, carefully isolates USDA Prime tenderloin fat which has a unique brittle composition. This singular fat is hand-trimmed, ultra-fine ground, formed into even-sized cylinders and is dry-aged. Use Chef’s Gold in the final stage of cooking to add a rich, buttery aroma and a concentrated beef flavor. The combination of American Wagyu and Chef’s Gold elevates the flavor profile of our filet mignon to an exceptional eating experience.

Beef Grading 101

This steak is American Wagyu Black Grade, rated 6 to 8 on the Japanese Beef Marbling Score (BMS)

Beef sold in the U.S. is graded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). There are eight total grades and the top grade is USDA Prime.

All Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef grades above Prime. Special breeds of cattle like Japanese Wagyu are capable of producing intramuscular fat beyond their American counterparts. To grade this high level of marbling we adopted the Japanese Beef Marbling Score.

Using BMS, beef marbling is measured on a scale from 1 to 12, with a 1 being Select beef and a 12 being the highest level of marbling possible.

BMS 4 to 5     USDA Prime

BMS 6 to 8     SRF Black Grade

BMS 9+         SRF Gold Grade




Filet mignon, or tenderloin steak, is obtained from the loin primal located under the ribs and next to the spine. Filets mignons are sourced from the psoas major, a muscle that receives minimal use. Exercise makes a muscle tough, so the lack of physical activity makes the filet mignon a very tender steak. This muscle has minimal marbling so it does not have the flavorful fat found in ribeyes or New York strips. Our American Wagyu tenderloin has a higher amount of marbling than USDA Prime grade tenderloin which makes for a more flavorful filet mignon.

Fast fact: The correct spelling for multiple steaks is filets mignons.

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Filet Mignon 10 Oz With Chef's Gold