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American Wagyu Sirloin Steaks

Snake River Farms American Wagyu top sirloin steak is well-flavored, lean and features the moderate tenderness that is the hallmark of sirloin cuts. With its hearty, meaty flavor and endless versatility, the American Wagyu sirloin is a popular pick at restaurants and among dedicated home chefs. Our high-quality sirloin steaks are hand-cut by master butchers and come from purebred Wagyu cattle crossed with traditional breeds like Angus cattle, creating a flavor and texture that gives any cut a run for its money! Don’t forget to try our American Wagyu picanha (coulotte) too. This must-try cut is a super-tender sirloin you’ll often see on the menu at Brazilian steakhouses.

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Snake River Farms is celebrated world-wide by chefs and connoisseurs. Our family-owned business is focused on creating the most delicious beef and Kurobuta pork available.

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