Treat yourself to something special this holiday season with these steaks and chops from Snake River Farms. These distinctive cuts deliver sparkle and sizzle to your holiday cooking and deliver a delicious dose of holiday cheer to everyone on your Christmas list.


American Wagyu Gold Grade Ribeye 1.5"

This big and beautifully marbled ribeye will make steak lovers feel very merry.


American Wagyu Black Grade Filet Mignon 

Spread happiness and joy with our most tender steak. 


American Wagyu Gold Grade Tomahawk

A picture perfect long bone ribeye so big it might not fit in Santa's bag.


USDA Prime Cowboy Steak

Make the holiday season Prime Time with this thick-cut, bone-in ribeye.


American Wagyu Gold Grade Ribeye Filet

It's time to get festive with the robust and juicy center eye of the ribeye. 


American Wagyu Gold Grade Manhattan

All that glitters is Gold Grade with this cut rich with the flavor of American Wagyu. 


American Wagyu Gold Grade New York Strip

Deck the halls, and impress guests, with a luxurious steak cut 1.5" thick.


American Kurobuta Frenched Pork Chop 

Have yourself a Kurobuta Christmas with thse juicy, bone-in chops.


American Wagyu Black Grade Tri-Tip

Bring some meaty joy to your world with this BBQ favorite.


American Wagyu Black Grade Zabuton

Add some holidazzle to your table with this rich and buttery steak.


American Wagyu Black Grade Flank Steak

Heavenly holiday meals have never been so easy.


American Wagyu Black Grade Cap of Ribeye

Treat yourself or sleigh your Christmas list with this coveted cut.