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How To Turn A Prime Rib Into Ribeye Steaks


Does the occasion call for steaks instead of a roast? No worries. With a sharp knife and a ruler you can have steaks cooking on your grill in just a few minutes.


I keep a lot of beef on hand at my house since I work for Snake River Farms. It’s impossible to have the perfect cut for every occasion on hand, but I have learned how to improvise. For example, the prime rib I purchased for Christmas was shelved when alternate plans came up. While I could keep that prime rib in the freezer, I’d rather enjoy it now.


A Snake River Farms or Double R Ranch boneless prime rib can be quickly turned into a pile of spectacular ribeye steaks with just a few strokes of a knife.

I started with a completely thawed Snake River Farms American Kobe Prime Rib. This was our large size roast and its actual weight was 7.44 lbs. Pro tip: Place a towel under your cutting board to keep things from moving around.


All our prime ribs are trimmed and “steak-ready” so you can just dive right in and start cutting, however, I chose to trim off a bit of excess fat.


You can eyeball the roast and start cutting, but I like to use a ruler for nice uniform steaks. The width of your steak is completely up to you. Personally, I love a thick steak so I measured off 2” increments.


Using my trusty knife, I started cutting. Position your knife and cut each steak with a smooth single stroke.


Voila! A 7 pound prime rib is now 5 spectacular ribeye steaks.



The only thing more appetizing than these ribeye steaks on the cutting board is the way they looked on coming out of the oven. I used the Steakhouse Method to prepare these and the results were pretty fantastic.

So the next time you have a spare prime rib in the house or the opportunity to buy a roast at an off-season sale, remember you have the option to cut your own amazing ribeye steaks.


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  • To cut the roast into steaks, the roast has to be thawed. Can the raw steaks be refrozen after cutting?
    Thank you for your response.

    05/04/2015 by Gustave Bekker

    • You can refreeze them. Personally, we do it all the time. That being said, the beef does lose a little something in the texture and flavor department. It's much better than letting the beef go to waste. Around the office, we frequently will get another person to split the cost and the final product to eliminate the need to refreeze.

      05/29/2015 by Dave Yasuda

  • More a question from me;

    I want to purchase your bone-in prime rib roast (@ a great price)...will this roast be easy (for me) to convert to bone-in steaks...



    05/05/2015 by Marcel Power

    • You certainly can cut a bone-in prime rib into steaks. The bones will dictate the thickness, but we've done it was success.

      05/29/2015 by Dave Yasuda

  • Looking forward to winning a great roast.

    05/08/2015 by Kenneth Iburg

  • Enjoy good meats and I plan on
    placing an order.

    05/10/2015 by BILL SCHNEIDER

  • I'm looking forward to winning a great roast.

    05/23/2015 by

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