Sheet Pan Sliders

BY: Darren Warth

  • cooking-duration 45 minutes
  • servings 15 SERVINGS
  • cooking-style smoker
  • cooking-mode beginner

Feed a crowd with ease in 45 minutes with this "one pan" sheet pan slider recipe. Packed with the juicy flavor of our American Wagyu Ground Beef and thinly sliced yellow onions, these sliders will be a hit with everyone at your next gathering.


Sheet Pan Burgers

  • 4 American Wagyu Ground Beef Brick Packs Buy Now

  • One yellow onion

  • Three tablespoons SRF BBQ Brisket Rub or your favorite burger seasoning

  • Fifteen slices of American cheese (or your favorite cheese)

  • Fifteen slider buns


Heat smoker to 300° F.
10 minutes
Peel and thinly slice yellow onion and spread evenly on ½ aluminum sheet tray (12”x17” tray) or similar tray.
3 minutes
Press burger evenly out on top of onions on tray. For a thinner burger use three pounds versus four pounds of burger. Pro Tip: cover pan with parchment paper and press down with another pan to flatten.
5 minutes
Sprinkle top of burger with seasoning.
1 minute
Place directly on rack in smoker and smoke for 30-45 minutes until an internal temperature of 165° F.
45 minutes
Remove from smoker and carefully tilt pan to remove excess grease.
1 minute
Cover top of burger with American Cheese and put on smoker until cheese is melted.
2 minutes
Add the tops of burger buns on top of cheese for last 2 minutes.
2 minutes
Remove from smoker and cut in between burger tops with sharp knife or pizza cutter.
2 minutes
Spatula out burgers individually and put on bottom bun, making sure to scoop out onions too.
2 minutes