Carne Asada Skirt Steak Tacos

BY: Salvador Alamilla

  • cooking-duration 8 hours prep, 30 min
  • servings 6 SERVINGS
  • cooking-style grill
  • cooking-mode beginner

Carne asada is a traditional Mexican dish of grilled and sliced beef. Chef Salvador Alamilla of Amano Restaurant shares his authentic and flavorful version of carne asada that’s simple to make, but requires good execution.

Chef Alamilla was born in Michoacan, Mexico and his first culinary teacher was his mother, who was an expert at making amazing Mexican dishes. Sal worked his way into restaurant ownership by working front and back of house and today along with his wife Becca, is the chef and proprietor of Amano Restaurant in Caldwell, Idaho



  • Onion powder 1/2 cup

  • Garlic powder 1/2 cup

  • Cumin powder 1/8 cup

  • Cayenne powder 1/8 cup

  • Brown sugar 1/8 cup


  • 1 Package Snake River Farms Outside Skirt Steak Buy Now

  • 12 Corn tortillas

  • 1 cup Guacamole

  • 6 Radishes, sliced into thin rounds

  • 6 Lime wedges

  • 12 Cilantro sprigs

  • Dry rub

  • Coarse sea salt

  • Fresh cracked black pepper


Add all ingredients to a mixing bowl and incorporate well. Transfer to desired storage container. This will give you enough seasoning for future applications. Keep this rub mix clean and in a dry place so you can use it again for your next BBQ.
5 minutes
Start preparing your outside skirt steak at least 8 hours ahead of cooking time. Trim the skirt steak of any excess fat or silver skin.
2 minutes
We use a dry rub which imparts great flavor to the coarse grain of the skirt steak. Place the skirt steak on a work surface and have a good supply of the dry rub at hand. When seasoning, make sure to pack both sides of each steak with your “wet” hand keeping your “dry” hand dispersing the rub as to keep your rub mix clean.
5 minutes
Set the steak with rub on a baking sheet, cover and place in the refrigerator. After your letting the dry rub “marinate” for at least 8 hours, you can now grill your steak. The key to really good carne asada is in the char you are able to achieve. At Amano, we use a wood-fired grill for its high heat and ability to sear the meat.
8 hours
Start your grill or stovetop. Make sure your grill or cooking surface is at high temperature to achieve that nice char to your carne asada.
8-10 minutes
Before placing your carne on the grill, generously season both sides of your carne with coarse sea salt and fresh cracked black pepper. We like to use a 75/25 mix of salt/pepper.
2 minutes
Outside skirt steak is thin and using high heat lets you char the outside without overcooking the inside. A thermometer is not as helpful with this cut, so use your senses to determine doneness. You want the steak to be beautifully charred on the outside to get the smokey rich flavor and the inside to be nicely pink.
6 minutes
Remove steak from the grill and allow to rest 10 minutes.
10 minutes
To serve, slice the skirt steak against the grain. The best way to do this is to cut off a section about 3 to 4 inches long, rotate 90 degrees and then slice with a sharp knife. Cutting against the grain shortens the muscle fibers and make the steak more tender.
3 minutes
Place steak on warm corn tortillas. Garnish with about a tablespoon of guacamole, radish slices and a sprig of cilantro. Put lime wedges on the side and make sure you put a good squeeze over the entire contents before eating. The bright acidic bite of lime is the finishing touch to a great taco.
5 minutes