2021 Shipping Forecast - Crazy.

We exclusively use FedEx because their turnaround times are consistently the best. 2021 has been a record year for shipping, with delays hounding businesses around the country. Experts forecast the week leading up to Christmas to be hectic, with a record number of boxes shipped.

Special Delivery.

Choose expedited, 2-day delivery. Yes, it costs a little bit more, but we’ve found that expedited delivery offers a smoother, faster experience because products are sent by air rather than by ground. It’s the way to go to ensure your order arrives when you want it to.

Create Your Menu Today.

Are you envisioning a prime rib supper for 10, or a ham brunch for 20? Choose your centerpiece now, then build your side dishes around it. Demand for our products is at an all-time high this year, and the best way to avoid an “out of stock” is to know what you’re going to cook and kickstart your dinner plans. If your favorite is out of stock, call us — we can double check inventory or recommend a similar, delicious option.

Gift smarter.

It’s important that your gift recipient is in town when your Snake River Farms package arrives because our products are perishable. You might have to do a little subtle sleuthing, but trust me, it’s worth it! lt will relieve some pressure on your end.

Order Early!

Arrange to have your SRF products delivered well before your holiday meal. Our products safely last for months in your freezer without sacrificing any quality. If there is a shipping or product problem, it gives us time to correct it. Ordering early is a great way to take advantage of sales, too.

Get Detailed.

Before you place your order, triple-check the shipping address and the delivery date. Our deliveries don’t require a signature, so this is your chance to make sure everything goes according to plan.

Be Selective.

You can choose the exact date of delivery for your SRF order. If you’re ordering for your own holiday meal, go ahead and have your package delivered ASAP. Early arrival means you’ll have plenty of time to safely, gently thaw your product in the refrigerator.

Get Notified.

Use our notification option to let them know when to expect your package. Just add the recipient’s email when you place your order. They won’t know how much you spent, but they can track their gift.

Go Non-Traditional.

Did you know that we offer gift cards? We can deliver gift cards via email, or you can print your own and give it in person. Either way, you’ll ensure that your recipient will receive exactly what they want, when they want it.

Skip the overwhelm. Contact our concierge.

If you’re organizing gifts for a crowd — somewhere between 21 people and the population of a small town, for example — we can help. Our dedicated gifting concierge makes the process simple: visit our corporate gifting page, choose one of our featured gift packages, fill out the gifting request form, and sit back and relax. Contact us today and start shrinking that holiday to-do list.