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Gold Grade Eye of Ribeye Roast

SRF Gold Rib Roast Raw_small
Gold Grade Eye of Ribeye Roast

If your holiday dinner calls for something extra special, consider the Snake River Farms American Kobe Gold Grade Eye of Ribeye Roast. This roast has the highest level of rich marbling of all the roasts we offer. Think about that for a moment. Our "regular" American Kobe eye of ribeye roast features ridiculously delicious marbling that far exceeds USDA Prime. The Gold Grade roast kicks this up to an even higher level.

What does that mean when you're eating this uncommon cut of beef? Carolyn Jung, author of the blog "The Food Gal" recently tried this roast and described it as "the Maserati of Meat. Luxurious, extravagant and a work of art in its own right."

Carolyn goes on to say "But because this is American Wagyu, even the more done slices were still incredibly juicy and tender. That’s because of the high fat content throughout the meat. When you take a bite of this roast, fabulous fatty juice fairly squirts throughout your entire mouth."

It's true. Our Gold Grade beef is extremely juicy and flavorful. My sister served this for a meal last year and told me it stole the show at the dinner table because her food loving friends had never had beef quite so rich. One thing to note when serving a Gold Grade roast is that a smaller portion is required for each guest because it is so rich.

We definitely agree with Carolyn on this last thought as well "Use this as an excuse to open up that spendy bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon you’ve been saving, too, as meat this lavish calls for a robust red with a good amount of tannins to balance it out. It’s a splurge. But it’s still cheaper than an Italian sports car."

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