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Create a Memorable Holiday Meal with our Kurobuta Pork Crown Roast

Create a Memorable Holiday Meal with our Kurobuta Pork Crown Roast

Here in Idaho the days are getting shorter and the leaves are falling which means the holiday meal planning season is officially upon us. First up is Thanksgiving which is synonymous with “turkey” for most households. For a change of pace or to up the ante for a large holiday crowd, consider the Snake River Farms Kurobuta Pork Crown Roast for a spectacular holiday meal.

What exactly is a Pork Crown Roast? It starts with one of our delicious Prime Rib of Pork roasts which is a bone-in pork loin. The roast is skillfully trimmed to expose the bones for a more spectacular appearance. The roast is “rolled” and tied so that it forms a circle. As you can see from the photo, the end result is unique and will create an audible buzz when brought to the table.

The center of our Pork Crown Roast is open and can be filled with stuffing, or your favorite combination of fruits, onions, leeks and herbs. Like all our pork items, the Pork Crown Roast is from 100% purebred Berkshire hogs. Berkshire is a heritage breed which is similar in theory to heirloom varieties of produce like tomatoes. Kurobuta pork is a deep red color instead of the pale white shade you see when you buy pork at the grocery store. This rich color translate to pork that is more juicy and full of flavor.

You can read more and purchase our Kurobuta Pork Crown Roast on our website. We have customers who tell us serving a Pork Crown Roast is an annual event and it could just be the new tradition you’re looking for on your holiday table.

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