• St. Patricks Day? Corned Beef Please!

    03/09/2016 by Dave Yasuda


    Serving corned beef on St. Patrick's Day is such a strong tradition it should be etched in stone as culinary law. If you're serving corned beef, then please choose Snake River Farms or Double R Ranch for the best quality and flavor. This week you can enjoy $10 off any of our corned beef.

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  • Final Week of National Meat Month!

    01/25/2016 by Dave Yasuda


    It's the final week of National Meat Month and now's the time to make sure your freezer is stocked full with all of your favorites. Tenderloin roasts are a new item this week and are the perfect centerpiece for a special dinner or to cut into a stack of beautiful filet mignon.

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  • The Power of Protein

    01/13/2016 by Dave Yasuda


    National Meat Month has us thinking about the delicious taste and nutritional benefits of beef. Beef is packed with vitamins B12, B6, zinc and protein and for many, it's practically synonymous with protein. Read on for more about protein, beef and some of the best ways to deliciously add both to your table.

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