Hot Dog

  • Carolina Classic Hot Dogs

    08/24/2016 by Sean Olson

    Hot Dogs Prestige (640x427)

    For the hot dog connoisseur, any old Chili Dog won't do. The chili needs more punch. The hot dogs need snap. And the toppings better be a top notch combination. BBQ Brethren member Matthew Hussey keeps all that in mind as he shows off his take on the Carolina Style dog with chili, coleslaw, mustard and onions.

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  • The Chicago Hot Dog

    09/18/2014 by Sean Olson

    The Chicago Hot Dog

    Just thinking about this classic should whet your appetite. The sweet and savory combination will make you fall in love with hot dogs each and every time you take a bite. It might also inspire a pick-up game of neighborhood baseball.

    Meathead says: “What makes the Chicago Hot Dog special? Like Chicago's famous architecture, it is great design. It is a juicy, crunchy, sloppy combo that leaves your fingers fragrant for hours …”

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