• Cubano Sandwich with Kurobuta Pork and Ham

    08/10/2017 by Sean Olson

    Cubano made with Snake River Farms Pork. After Facebook Live in August 2017
    The eclectic Cubano brings together a host of special, specific flavors to create a whole greater than its parts. Try the marinated Kurobuta Pork Loin, exquisite Kurobuta Ham, pickles and mustard just once and you'll realize why it has its own cult following. Continue reading

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  • Embracing a Thanksgiving Ham

    11/17/2016 by Sean Olson

    smoked ham slice

    One man lamented that “turkey has been done. To death.” Another woman warned of a mediocre meal with what her family thinks of as “the dreaded bird.”  Others sing the praises of variety over “ho-hum” custom.

    No matter the reason, an outpouring of friends and customers were eager to share how thankful they were for changes to the same old turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. Their rebellion against years of tradition was mostly boiled down to one thing: they wanted an upgrade. Continue reading

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  • How to Prepare and Carve Your Easter Ham

    03/25/2016 by Dave Yasuda


    Easter is this Sunday! In case you need a refresher course in preparing and carving your Snake River Farms Kurobuta ham, we've put together all the information you need in one convenient location.

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