Cooking and Preparation

Preparing products from Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch is simple and easy. These Cooking Guides provide the cooking times, temperatures and techniques required to deliver mouth-watering and delicious products to your table.

Quick Tips

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Here’s a summary of our favorite tips and tricks for buying, storing and preparing our products. We’ve found that using these simple guidelines will ensure your next meal will be a success.

Our hams are fully cooked, however, completely heating them brings out their full flavor and creates a striking presentation.


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Preparing a roast can seem like a daunting task, but it really is a straightforward process. Once you’ve tried one of these easy methods, you’ll be amazed at your own culinary skills.

Steak Center

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Cooking a perfect steak is easy with our comprehensive Steak Center. Get recipes, cooking methods and our exclusive easy-to-use downloadable guide. Featuring one-of-a-kind videos and tutorials from Chef Hugh Acheson.


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There is high level of mystique surrounding the proper way to cook a brisket, but it's something you can successfully prepare in your own backyard. Here are two basic methods to make a delicious, smoky and savory brisket .

Other Beef Cuts

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In addition to traditional steaks and roasts, Snake River Farms offers a number of unique beef cuts.


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To ensure the most enjoyable eating experience, pair the recommended cooking method with the specific cut of pork.