American Kurobuta

Tomahawk Pork Chop

American Kurobuta

Tomahawk Pork Chop


A Kurobuta pork chop with a long exposed bone for a signature plate appearance. The same luscious pork loin as our other chops with an added twist. 

Average weight: 8 oz.

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Here’s a stunning variation of our popular Kurobuta bone-in pork chops. Our master butchers have left the long bone intact to add drama to your next Pork Chop Night. The pork tomahawk shares the same attributes of our other chops. The meat is rich crimson in color,  finely marbled, exceptionally juicy and packed with flavor.

Please note there can be some variation in size with our natural pork chops. Each bone-in rack contains 10 to 12 bones. We hand-cut each chop to include a bone and the normal taper of each rack can translate to some chops that are larger than others. We specify a minimum size of 8 oz. and the chops can go up in size from that target weight.



Pork chops are cut from the pork loin. This section of the hog is similar to the beef loin in both anatomy and the fact that tenderest cuts are sourced from this primal. The primary muscle that is found in chops is the longissimus dorsi.


Fast fact: The loin is the source of the most tender cuts of pork which is the origin of the term “high on the hog.”

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