New Shipping Box and Packaging


A More Sustainable Shipping Solution

At Snake River Farms, sustainability is a fundamental principle of our business. After extensive research, our team identified the most eco-friendly option currently available. Starting in October 2018, you will receive your orders in this comprehensive packaging solution. The components are designed to work together to better protect your order and reduce our environmental impact.

Outer Shipping Box

Made from 100% recycled paper materials using thicker, stronger corrugated construction. Branded with the Snake River Farms logo and name.

Biodegradable Insulated Foam

Effectively protects and insulates our frozen products. Made from 100% all-natural, non-GMO U.S. grown corn. The biodegradable foam dissolves completely in water. Simply remove the outer protective film and place in the sink. Small pieces can be “melted” and safely allowed to drain.


  • - Dissolve the foam in a bucket and use the mixture for excellent plant food.
  • - Add to your compost pile. It will biodegrade in 60 days or less.
  • - Use in fireplaces and firepits. A great Firestarter that burns cleanly and safely.

Recyclable Moisture-Resistant Barrier

The insulated foam is protected with a polyethylene film that can be recycled with other #4 plastics.

Thermal Bag

Our products are placed in a thermal bag that seals in the cold and protects from the extreme temperatures from dry ice. Once empty, it makes an excellent shopping bag.