Our Story


Producing exceptional beef obliges us to take exceptional care of our animals. It’s also just the right thing to do. At Agri Beef, we carry out our proactive approach to animal well-being using techniques and programs informed by leading animal behavior experts like Dr. Temple Grandin and Bud Williams. The Agri Beef Animal Well-Being program encompasses all company locations, phases of production and transport activities to provide consistent and proactive standards. Every animal is checked daily for health and well-being and given individualized attention, if necessary. We also follow all the Beef Quality Assurance (BQA) and Well-Being Standards. We recognize livestock as the foundation of our livelihood and do all we can to ensure animal health and productivity.


What makes Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch beef different is that we are involved from start to finish. Agri Beef is vertically integrated, which allows us to have complete control over the end product. As cattle move from the ranch to the feed yards to our processing facility, we ensure that the care, feed and attention are consistent along the way resulting in nothing short of the best beef. Beef this exceptional is no accident.