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  1. How to Pair Salami and Wine

    How to Pair Salami and Wine

    SRF Kurobuta salami is delicious by itself, but their flavors shine when paired with wine. The best combinations accent and balance the flavor profiles of the wine and salami. Keep in mind, the best pairings are the ones that taste best to you! We consulted with Pete Seghesio, an acclaimed winemaker and founder of Journeyman Meats, to discover his suggestions for the best wines to pair with his different types of salami.

  2. Caviar and American Wagyu

    The Ultimate Pairing – Caviar and American Wagyu

    Caviar is a luxurious way to elevate your steak experience. It's natural brininess and unique texture combine deliciously with the richness of American Wagyu beef.  We collaborated with Tsar Nicolai Caviar, pioneers of sustainable caviar production, to explore the ultimate pairing of caviar and American Wagyu beef.

  3. Tenderlon Roast

    Try a Little Tenderness

    The SRF tenderloin roast is an elevated centerpiece for both cozy winter meals and holiday gatherings. 

    Imagine a roast with the same fork-tender texture and mouthwatering flavor of an elegant filet mignon.

    With an SRF American Wagyu tenderloin roast, you can bring that daydream into real life. We use the same cut for both our tenderloin roast and our top-selling filets mignons; the full beef tenderloin has a distinctive narrow shape and the power to make any holiday meal deluxe and delicious.

    The best part about this elevated cut is its short cook time. You’ll spend less time in the kitchen and more time socializing with guests — though this tenderloin is so impressive your guests will never know.

  4. Fool Proof Prime Rib

    Fool Proof Prime Rib

    Chef Edward Higgins' tried-and-true method will turn you into a holiday hero. What a dilemma. Prime rib is the ultimate holiday showstopper, yet it’s laden with heartbreak potential — and Edward Higgins, executive chef at The Lively in Boise, Idaho, thinks he knows why. 

  5. Welcome to the New SRF Journal

    Welcome to the New SRF Journal

    The SRF Journal is our knowledge center for information, recipes and instruction for our products and company.  We refreshed this section of our website to help you quickly find a great recipe, preparation instructions for your favorite steak or to take a closer look at various aspects of Snake River Farms.  

  6. How to Perfectly Cook Crab Legs | SRF

    How to Perfectly Cook Crab Legs

    Despite their luxurious reputation, crab legs are easy to prepare. No special equipment or techniques are required to cook delicious, restaurant quality crab legs in your kitchen. Learn how to cook crab legs in the oven, grill or stovetop.

  7. How to make a simple ham glaze | SRF

    Ham Glaze

    Snake River Farms Kurobuta hams are savory and delicious simply heated and served. If your taste buds are craving a little something extra, it’s easy to add a special touch of flavor with a glaze. A ham glaze can be as basic or fancy as you desire. Adding a glaze doesn’t have to be time-consuming with this fast-and-easy glaze. A great glaze combines elements of sweet, acid, and spice. 

  8. Leftover Ham – The Start of Something Delicious  | SRF

    Leftover Ham – The Start of Something Delicious

    Your Kurobuta ham was the hit of the holidays. After the kitchen is cleaned and the good china is put away, there’s a generous amount of ham in your refrigerator. What’s the best way to use this precious ingredient? While a ham and cheese sandwiches are tasty, there’s so much more you can do with this versatile meat.

    Here are some tips for using leftover ham for quick and satisfying post-holiday meals.  

  9. What to Do with Leftover Prime Rib  | SRF

    What to Do with Leftover Prime Rib

    You cooked a perfect SRF prime rib and impressed your friends and family with your culinary skills. Now that dinner is done, you find there is some of the savory roast left to enjoy tomorrow. Here are some handy tips on storing and reheating your leftover bounty, as well as some of our favorite recipes. 

  10. How to Smoke Prime Rib

    How to Smoke Prime Rib

    Prime rib is an incomparable meal for holiday or special occasion dinners. One way to make this iconic dish more extraordinary is to prepare it in a smoker. This adds an enhanced layer of flavor to an already rich cut of beef.  

    Smoking prime rib is not difficult. Read on to learn how to smoke prime rib on a variety of smokers and grills.

  11. How to Cook Sea Scallops

    How to Cook Sea Scallops

    Sea scallops add a touch of luxury to a meal. Tender and sweet, with a hint of brine, this popular seafood is a staple of fine dining but is also easy to prepare at home.

    Learn more about this delectable bivalve, different preparation methods and check out two delicious recipes.

    Scallops are bivalves which mean they have two shells, like mussels, clams and oysters. The large abductor muscle opens and closes the two colorful, fan-shaped shells. The abductor is what is consumed. Unlike other bivalves, scallops can actually swim short distances. 



    Halibut is a highly prized ocean-going fish known for its delicate flavor and firm flakey texture. Not only is it delicious, but halibut is low in fat and high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Found in the cold waters of the Northwest Pacific, this popular fish is versatile and works well with a wide range of cooking techniques. 

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