Prime Rib & Beef Roasts

  1. The Ultimate Beef and Bacon Grilled Cheese
  2. Slow Cooker Chuck Roast with Vegetables
  3. Chimichurri-Marinated Picanha
  4. Steak and Potato Hash | SRF

    Crispy Potato and Steak Breakfast Hash

    Cook once and eat twice with this hearty hash loaded with juicy tri-tip, diced potatoes, sweet onions and sautéed peppers. Half of the tri tip makes its way into this recipe, while the remaining half can be served  atop the ultimate skillet nachos or slathered with honey-garlic sauce.

  5. Irish Stout Wagyu Beef Stew

    Irish Stout Wagyu Beef Stew

    Step into the comforting embrace of a classic with the Irish Stout Wagyu Beef Stew, where simplicity and quality converge. This stew takes the humble roots of traditional Irish cooking and enriches them with the depth of Wagyu beef and the distinctive, full-bodied flavors of Guinness Stout. The dark beer lends a unique richness to the stew, intertwining with the tender Wagyu to create a dish that's both hearty and complex. As the stout works its magic, it tenderizes the beef and infuses the entire stew with a deep, malty character that elevates every bite. Nestled among hearty vegetables and seasoned with a blend of aromatic herbs, this stew is a testament to the comforting power of good food made with care. The Irish Stout Wagyu Beef Stew isn't just a meal; it's a warm, welcoming experience that brings a touch of culinary craftsmanship to the dinner table.

  6. Wagyu Pot Roast  | SRF

    Wagyu Pot Roast

    Pot roast is a hearty, down home meal that I invite into my kitchen as soon as the cooler days approach. There are many variations of this classic dish, and I subscribe to the “use what’s in the fridge” method of cooking so it’s a little different every time. I like to add lots of fall root veggies to round out the roast.

    Since working at Snake River Farms, I've had the opportunity to upgrade this welcome dish by using American Wagyu chuck roast. This cut was only available to restaurants (and luckily for me, SRF employees!) but is now offered on our website. Give it a try using your favorite recipe or try this proven one roughly based on my mom’s version. 

  7. Smoked Prime Rib with Orange-Rosemary Rub | SRF

    Smoked Prime Rib with Orange-Rosemary Rub

    Don’t own a smoker or pellet grill? This recipe includes steps to smoke a prime rib on a charcoal grill.  

    Here’s a flavorful change from prime rib prepared in the oven. A Snake River Prime rib is slathered with an aromatic orange zest and rosemary wet rub, smoked to perfection and served with a smoked au jus.  

  8. Au Jus Recipe | SRF

    Au Jus

    Au Jus means with juice, and it is a delicious accompaniment to a holiday Prime Rib or roast. It can be made in the roasting pan while cooking, or on the stovetop which strays slightly from tradition but is still a fantastic sauce. We’re using beef broth for simplicity, and Worcestershire and soy sauce or Tamari for depth of flavor. Using pan drippings will enhance and fortify the sauce, but it can be made without them in a pinch. Au Jus can be thickened into a gravy if desired with a cornstarch slurry, which is simply cornstarch and cold water mixed together to avoid any lumps. The au jus reduces by half, so if you are feeding a large crowd, plan on doubling it and cooking it for a bit longer if using the stovetop method.

  9. Prime Rib and Barley Soup | SRF Recipe

    Leftover Prime Rib and Barley Soup

    An easy version of a comfort classic beef and barley soup with leftover Prime Rib as the star, this soup comes together in 30 minutes. You’ll want to pre-cook the barley according to package instructions. Quick-cooking barley is also an option as a time-saver, but the classic pearled barley is so delicious and has a great texture for this soup. Mushrooms and soy sauce or Tamari add umami, a depth of flavor, to store-bought beef broth.

  10. Prime Rib Pot Pie | SRF

    Leftover Prime Rib Pot Pie

    Cooked Prime Rib is used to make a delicious pot pie topped with flaky puff pastry. The pot pie ingredients can be prepared up to a day ahead of cooking. Just top with puff pastry before baking and you will have a warm and hearty meal to use up holiday leftovers. 

  11. California Tri-Tip Sandwiches

    California Tri-Tip Sandwiches with Avocado and Chimichurri

    The sandwich you didn’t know you were missing is about to be your new favorite. Tender, grilled American Wagyu tri-tip rests on a bed of avocados and arugula, smothered in grainy mustard and red pepper jelly and hugged between soft and chewy flat bread. 

    This is a portable meal that will impress at the beach or park. Make the sandwich in advance, but for a great presentation bring all the ingredients and prepare right before serving.

  12. Smoked Tri-Tip with Mint and Meyer Lemon Smashed Peas Recipe

    Smoked Tri-Tip with Mint and Meyer Lemon Smashed Peas

    Reverse seared Tri-Tip is first smoked then seared for a beautiful crust. Accompanied by fresh English peas that are blanched and smashed and mixed with a mint and Meyer lemon sauce, celebrate springtime flavors. The balance of the smoky Tri-Tip pairs beautifully with a vibrant green sauce with herbaceous and sweet notes. 

    Notes: If you can’t find Meyer lemons, a regular lemon will work well. Alternatively, you could use the same process for the Tri-Tip in the oven on a rack over a rimmed baking sheet, but it won’t have the smoke flavor that you get from cooking on a grill.

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