Kurobuta Pork

  1. Char Siu Pork Steak | SRF

    Weeknight Char Siu Smoked Pork Steaks

    Weeknight Char Siu Smoked Pork Steaks is a quick and easy take on a flavorful dish utilizing SRF x Southside Market & Barbeque Smoked Pork Steaks. This recipe cooks in under 20 minutes, and can be served with steamed Jasmine rice for a complete meal. The pre-cooked smoked pork steaks are warmed through in a homemade sauce while the veggies steam in the same pan.

  2. Al Pastor Tacos  SRF

    Pork Collar Tacos Al Pastor

    Grilled pork and pineapple tacos al pastor, combine the sweetness of pineapple and the smokiness of chilies. Use dried chilies that are soft and flexible like raisins to ensure freshness, and achiote or annatto, from the achiote tree for color (this can be found in seed, paste, or ground form in most stores and online). If you can’t find achiote, you can substitute chili powder and paprika, and while not traditional it will still turn out amazing. After slow roasting on the grill, top warmed corn tortillas with the pork, grilled pineapple, white onions, cilantro, and you will be enjoying some pretty incredible tacos al pastor.

  3. Tagliatelle with Pork and Mushroom Ragù

    Tagliatelle with Kurobuta Pork and Mushroom Ragù

    Rich and deeply flavorful ground Kurobuta pork transforms this simple, weeknight-suitable dish into one worthy of center stage at your next gathering. To that end, the ragù may be made ahead and warmed over low heat.

  4. Reverse-Seared Rack of Pork with Creamy Wild Mushroom Brandy Sauce

    Reverse-Seared Rack of Pork with Creamy Wild Mushroom Brandy Sauce

    A special night deserves a special roast, and we can’t imagine one more special than this deeply flavorful Kurobuta Rack of Pork with Creamy Wild Mushroom Brandy Sauce.

    We reverse-sear the roast, cooking it low and slow at first, to ensure juicy, moist meat, and finishing in a hot oven, which gives it a delightfully addictive crispy crust.

    The creamy brandy-infused mushroom sauce uses both dried porcini mushrooms and fresh shitake mushrooms, giving it an earthy flavor that marries beautifully with the brandy cream sauce.

  5. Breakfast Sausage Patties  | SRF

    Easy Breakfast Sausage Patties

    Snake River Farms Kurobuta Ground Pork steals the show in this crowd-friendly recipe that takes just 10 minutes to prep. A mix of garlic powder, ground sage and crushed fennel seeds add savory flavor notes while a splash of maple syrup lends a touch of sweetness. Pair these patties with fluffy scrambled eggs and crispy hash browns, or pile them atop a sandwich with fried eggs and a slice of sharp Cheddar.

  6. Gochujang Glazed Sticky Ribs | Snake River Farms

    Gochujang Glazed Sticky Ribs

    Chef Curtis Di Fede of The Charter Oak in St. Helena, California is known for his balanced combinations of flavors regardless of cuisine. The richness of the Kurobuta pork ribs coated in this addictive glaze is a favorite recipe of anyone who tries it.

  7. Slow Cooker Carnitas | SRF Recipe

    Slow Cooker Carnitas

    Make meal time a breeze by letting your slow cooker handle meal prep. A perfectly marbled pork collar is the star of this show, simmering low and slow in a crock pot of beer, fresh citrus juice and ample spices. Crisping the tender shredded pork under the broiler lends the perfect texture to this ultimate taco filling, nacho topping or burrito bowl addition.

  8. Smoked Pork Ribs with Apple & Apricot BBQ Glaze

    Smoked Pork Ribs with Apple & Apricot BBQ Glaze

    Who doesn’t love true low-and-slow smoked pork ribs? Grilling expert Clint Cantwell shows us how to take them over the top, starting with Snake River Farms Kurobuta ribs, giving them the perfect kiss of smoke and flames and finishing them with a flavor packed apple and apricot glaze.

  9. Sweet and Sour Pork Meatballs

    Sweet and Sour Pork Meatballs

    Go the DIY route with homemade Sweet and Sour Pork Meatballs starring Snake River Farms Kurobuta Ground Pork. This recipe will have you multi-tasking to save time without sacrificing flavor. Pop the meatballs into the oven, and while they bake, whip up a quick-fix sauce that balances the sweet (pineapple juice, brown sugar and ketchup) with the sour (rice wine vinegar) and cooks until thick and syrupy. Pour the sauce over the meatballs, stir in juicy diced pineapple chunks, and dinner is done.

  10. Pork Tenderloin Fried Rice

    Pork Tenderloin Fried Rice

    Look no further than Pork Tenderloin Fried Rice for a complete meal-in-a-bowl that also lends well to meal-prepping. While Snake River Farms American Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin is roasting in the oven, sauté onions and garlic with frozen peas and carrots (the perfect time-saving tip!) before adding rice, scrambled eggs and a splash of soy sauce. All that’s left to do is stir in the diced pork tenderloin then serve. Bonus: Leftovers reheat like a breeze!

  11. Easy Oven-Baked Ribs

    Easy Oven-Baked Ribs

    Low and slow is the secret to meltingly tender, fall-off-the-bone ribs. Snake River Farms American Kurobuta Spare Ribs need little more than a shake of seasoning and a sprinkle of brown sugar to transform into the ultimate family-friendly meal. After baking in the oven, the ribs are brushed with barbecue sauce and then set under the broiler for an added blast of heat. This recipe guarantees maximum flavor with minimum fuss (and cleanup!).

  12. Pork Spare Ribs with Salsa Roja

    Kurobuta Pork Spare Ribs with Salsa Roja

    This recipe was inspired by a conversation with my partner, who is originally from Guadalajara, Mexico, and a comment he made about how he loves dishes that explore the subtleties of Mexican flavor combinations and ingredients.

    The tangy sweetness of pineapple juice in the brine accents the flavor of the pork, while playing off of the fruity brightness of guajillo chiles, spices like oregano and cumin, and the mild nuttiness from smoking with pecan, hickory, and oak.

    Chef Katy Osuna trained at the International Culinary Center in California and did her externship at the Michelin starred Plumed Horse in Saratoga and worked for a year and a half as a chef de partie at Three-Michelin-Star Manresa. “Be a Girl” season one of her podcast “Copper & Heat” focuses on the experience of being a woman working in fine dining kitchens and won the 2019 James Beard Foundation Broadcast Media Award for Best Podcast.

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