1. Porchetta Ham

    Porchetta Ham

    This recipe is Inspired by a trip I took to Rome. Porchetta is an Italian pork roast that is slathered with fennel-scented rub and slow cooked. It’s usually made from pork loin or pork belly, but ham is also a great foil for this herbaceous rub. 

    In Rome, I came across a huge antique store with a stand serving sandwiches in the middle. The staff was hacking off portions of flavorful porchetta and placing on slices of focaccia bread and provolone picante cheese. The setting and flavor made this an unreal experience.

    If you live in Boise, the village loaf from Zeppole Bakery is a close second to the Italian focaccia. 

  2. Al Pastor Ham

    Al Pastor Ham

    Mexico City is a yearly pilgrimage I take to experience my culture and food, especially tacos. Al pastor is a traditional Mexican dish made with pork seasoned with chiles, oregano, cumin and achiote. I have always loved the orange red color achiote paste adds to meat. Pineapple and onion are other key ingredients and the flavor combo of them caramelizing together is amazing.

    In Mexico, you’ll see al pastor cooked on a trompo, similar to the vertical grill you might see at a shawarma or gyros shop. That’s because the concept was introduced to Mexico from Lebanese immigrants. Al pastor originated from two cultures fusing together to create something delicious. 

  3. Huckleberry Ham

    Huckleberry Ham

    Huckleberries remind me of the fantastic summers we have here in Idaho. I love our home so much! I love huckleberries so much! The bounty we have in our state is amazing and foraging is a favorite pastime. In the spring, it's time to hunt morels and in the late summer it’s huckleberry season.  

    Huckleberries look like tiny blueberries, but their flavor has wild and earthy notes. The not-too-sweet berries pair with Kurobuta ham to create a delicious combination. True to my Mexican roots, I’ve added some guajillo chiles to the sauce for complex fruity and smoky flavors. 



    This is a super tasty ham for any holiday or occasion. Breadcrumbs mixed with chopped prunes and bacon encase the ham with smoky pork flavor and the sweetness. This combination is the perfect accompaniment to create a super moist ham with lots of flavor. 

    You can make the breadcrumbs up to a week before to save on prep time, or you can easily get it done while the ham is roasting in the oven. You want to have enough breadcrumb mixture to pack it generously over the entire ham. If you have leftover breadcrumb mixture, place in an airtight container and keep it in the fridge. It’s delicious sprinkled on top of cooked vegetables, lamb, pasta, etc. 



    This classic French hot sandwich is really a fancy grilled ham and cheese sandwich. This recipe is easier than it looks and it’s a great addition to your sandwich go-to repertoire. 

    I like using toasted brioche- it is soft enough to absorb the mornay but still toasts up nice, but it’s also good on sturdier bread like a rustic sourdough or anything you have on hand. Just be sure to sear it up in a pan with lots of butter before topping it with the cheese sauce. 

    Kurobuta ham makes this a sandwich fit for a king (or queen)! Please, eat this with a fork + knife.

  6. Hawaiian Bun Kurobuta Ham Slider

    Hawaiian Bun Kurobuta Ham Sliders

    This recipe is quick and easy and the finished sliders are a fun centerpiece for your big game table. Once you’ve mastered this recipe, you can add it to your party repertoire. Follow the exact method with different ingredients for multiple variations. It works great with left over roast beef or any leftover meat you have on hand.  

    This recipe is for 12 sliders. If you want to make 24, just do the steps of the recipe times two. One SRF half boneless ham makes 24 sliders.



    A Kurobuta ham for Easter is a tradition for many Snake River Farms customers. Each ham is infused with rich savory flavor and the aroma of a ham in the oven will whet the appetites of friends and family members long before dinner is served.

    Here are some of our favorite hints to make an Easter dinner to dazzle your guests but keep your time and effort to a minimum.

  8. Ginger Ale, Brown Sugar and Rum Glazed Kurobuta Ham

    Ginger Ale, Brown Sugar and Rum Glazed Kurobuta Ham

    This easy recipe creates a startling delicious ham that's cause for celebration. Ginger ale adds sweet and spice while rum adds a warm depth of flavor to this simple, but mouth-watering recipe.

    The piquant glaze works beautifully with the savory and smoky characteristics of Kurobuta ham.

  9. Orange and Bourbon Glazed Kurobuta Ham

    Orange and Bourbon Glazed Kurobuta Ham

    Our partners at Hestan Culinary created this flavorful recipe featuring a glaze with the sweet essence of oranges and the caramel notes of bourbon. Together, they perfectly compliment the richness of our Kurobuta ham. Snake River Farms is featured in the collection of recipes available on the Hestan Cue app, part of the Hestan Cue Smart Cooking System.

    Download the free app to see a detailed version of this recipe, complete with step-by-step instructions and helpful videos.

    Learn more and connect to the app download on the Hestan Cue website.

    Note: This recipes calls for a whole bone-in ham, but can also be used for our half bone-in and boneless hams.

  10. SRF Holiday Ham with Pomegranate-Orange Glaze

    Kurobuta Ham with Pomegranate-Orange Glaze

    Serve a ham that is out of the ordinary. Team SRF member Mandy Tanner has created an elegant recipe to transform our already spectacular Kurobuta ham into a centerpiece for your next feast.

    This simple recipe utilizes fresh ingredients to elevate our Kurobuta ham to delicious heights. 

  11. Sheet-Pan Kurobuta Ham and Sweet Potato Hash

    Sheet-Pan Kurobuta Ham and Sweet Potato Hash

    Ham and sweet potatoes are always a wonderful combination, but when the ham is Kurobuta and the combination comes in the form of this easy, but impressive sheet-pan hash, you know breakfast, brunch or dinner is going to be kicked up a notch…or two.

  12. Pineapple-Glazed Kurobuta Bone-in Ham with Bourbon-Cherry Sauce

    Pineapple-Glazed Kurobuta Bone-in Ham with Bourbon-Cherry Sauce

    Serve a ham with culinary elements of old and new with this updated take on the classic, old-school version with canned pineapple and maraschino cherries.

    Courtesy of our friends at Big Green, this preparation uses naturally sweet fresh pineapple and a sauce made with real cherries, bourbon and balsamic for a balanced attack of flavors. This recipe will make older folks reminisce about past meals, and younger ones think about savory ham dinners to come.

    Cooking outdoors on a Big Green Egg kamado-style ceramic charcoal cooker keeps the kitchen cool and lets you enjoy the great outdoors. This recipe uses a Kurobuta half bone-in ham, but you can easily substitute the whole ham.

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