Ground Beef & Hot Dogs

  1. The Ultimate Cheeseburger Slider

    The Ultimate Cheeseburger Sliders with Bacon

    Whip up a dozen burgers in minutes with a crowd-friendly recipe starring Snake River Farms Wagyu Ground Beef layered inside buttery Hawaiian rolls with double-cheese, tangy pickles, special sauce and crispy bacon.

  2. Pretzel Pigs in a Blanket | SRF Recipe

    30-Minute Pretzel Pigs in a Blanket

    Simplify snack time with a shortcut recipe that wraps Snake River Farms Wagyu Hot Dogs in chewy, pillowy soft pretzels studded with Everything seasoning. No time for kneading and proofing? Store-bought pizza dough goes for a quick dunk in a baking soda bath to provide the iconic soft pretzel flavor in a fraction of the time. All that’s left to do is decide on your dipping sauce of choice.

  3. The Ultimate Skillet Nachos | SRF Recipes

    The Ultimate Skillet Nachos

    Few foods encompass game day cuisine quite like nachos. Crispy chips, melted cheese, perfectly seasoned ground beef and endless toppings take this dish to the next flavor level. The real key to nacho perfection? Bake the chips, cheese and meat in multiple layers to ensure just enough melted cheese in every single bite. 



    Discover the Sonoran Hot Dog, a hidden gem in the world of hot dogs that deserves a moment in the spotlight. This savory delight hails from the streets of Sonora, Mexico, and offers a unique twist on the classic American hot dog. Wrapped in crispy bacon and tucked inside a fluffy bolillo roll, the Sonoran hot dog strikes a perfect balance between salty and smoky flavors. Top it off with fresh pico de gallo, creamy mayonnaise, and a drizzle of mustard for a flavor explosion that'll keep you craving more. Why settle for a regular hot dog when you can indulge in this delicious and often overlooked creation?

  5. Peach Caprese Sliders with Fresh Basil and Fig Balsamic Sauce

    Peach Caprese Sliders with Fresh Basil and Fig Balsamic Sauce

    Elevate the classic slider burger with surprising, but harmonious ingredients. Toasted brioche rolls hug juicy American Wagyu four-ounce patties. For an extraordinary touch, the sliders are topped with melty buffalo mozzarella cheese, fresh basil leaves and a sweet and tangy fig balsamic sauce. 

    The result is an amazing, multi-layered bite with sweet and savory elements. Great as an appetizer or make in quantity for a magnificent main dish.



    Snake River Farms American Wagyu ground beef really brings up the flavor on this classic dish. This meatloaf is best cooked the day before serving, allowing it time to set up. If time allows, I recommend making the meatloaf two days in advance, so all the flavors meld and mix. Then bake the next day and serve the following day.

    Meatloaf is so versatile. You can serve it with tomato base accompaniments (can you say ketchup?) for a traditional presentation. I love it just sliced cold on a sandwich. Change it up and serve with a throwback 80s mushroom sauce or lighten it up with a springtime quick dilly gravy sauce. I like to serve this with pickles or a fresh À la minute shaved fennel salad with lemon juice, olive oil and parmesan.

  7. French Onion Burgers

    French Onion Burgers

    The classic soup transforms into the main event with a flavor-packed recipe starring Snake River Farms Pioneer Burgers, melted Gruyere, caramelized onions and dressed arugula, all piled atop a toasted brioche bun. 

  8. Corn Dog Bites

    Corn Dog Bites

    Everyone’s favorite food on-a-stick now comes in miniature form! Slice Snake River Farms American Wagyu Hot Dogs into bite-size pieces then dunk them in a simple cornmeal batter. A quick plunge in hot oil and the result is light, crispy snackable corn dogs perfect for dipping and dunking. 

  9. Wagyu Beef Enchilada Dip

    Wagyu Beef Enchilada Dip

    This is a recipe that goes together fast and makes life easy when you’re cooking up a full party spread. I tend to make some time-consuming dishes that are bit more intricate, so this is a good dish to build up my table without taking away valuable prep time. 

    Enchiladas were the first dinner I can recall making myself as a kid. I loved them so much! This fan-favorite enchilada beef dip is a no-brainer and takes minutes to go from skillet to table. The key shortcut is using your favorite store-bought red enchilada sauce instead of making it from scratch.  

  10. Sheet Pan Sliders

    Sheet Pan Sliders

    Feed a crowd with ease in 45 minutes with this "one pan" sheet pan slider recipe. Packed with the juicy flavor of our American Wagyu Ground Beef and thinly sliced yellow onions, these sliders will be a hit with everyone at your next gathering.

  11. Smoked Hot Dog Bites

    Smoked Hot Dog Bites

    Smoked Hot Dog bites that melt in your mouth. Great as finger food or served in a bun, these were made for tailgating season.

  12. Beef in a Blanket | SRF

    Beef in a Blanket

    These SRF Smoked beef sausages wrapped in homemade crescent dough are hard to resist.  Do not be intimidated to attempt this recipe! This wisdom is coming from someone who is not a baker. It really an easy recipe and you’ll be rewarded with a happy crowd of guests. It can be all done the day before and baked off fresh right before your party. 

    The crescent dough recipe makes enough do for 14-18 servings with a little extra dough in case you mess up. 

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