1. Best Wine and Steak Pairings


    One of the most iconic food and wine combinations is steak served with red wine. Every Snake River Farms steak has distinct flavor differences and the same is obviously true for wine. Here are some guidelines to match our three most popular steaks with wines with the flavor characteristics to complement and enhance your next steak dinner.

  2. Fast Weeknight Meals

    Fast Weeknight Meals

    Welcome to the working week. When Monday rolls around, meal planning gets a large share of our attention.  “What should I make for dinner?” is the question that comes up every day around 4 PM.

    While you can always have a pizza delivered, here are five fast and delicious meals you can serve in a pinch. Just stock the freezer with a few Snake River Farms staples and you can pull off these recipes with ingredients you probably already have on hand. 

  3. The Best Steak Cooking Tip - Take the Temperature

    The Best Steak Cooking Tip - Take the Temperature

    Complete books are filled with the art and science of cooking a steak, but there is one tip you can follow to achieve steak perfection time after time: check the temperature with a good quality thermometer.

    Learn about this easy technique and the temperatures to target to create a steak cooked just the way you like it.

  4. Low-Key Feasts

    Low-Key Feasts

    You can’t always be with your entire family for the holidays. But with friends, home is wherever you’re together. Over the past few years, so many of us have had to change, rearrange, and cancel our holiday plans. But there has been a silver lining: The rise of Friendsgiving. Yes, Friendsgiving often lacks the comfort of family tradition — but it makes up for it in a freewheeling “let’s try it!” spirit.

  5. Take the Temp: 5 Steps to Holiday Prime Rib Done Right

    Take the Temp: 5 Steps to Holiday Prime Rib Done Right

    Nothing beats a tender, juicy, perfectly cooked prime rib for your big holiday gathering. Prime rib is surprisingly easy to prepare, especially if you follow the simple steps from our friends at ThermoWorks, the maker of our favorite thermometer, the Thermapen ONE.

  6. Save on Strip Steaks: How to Cut a Striploin into New York Strip Steaks

    Save on Strip Steaks: How to Cut a Striploin into New York Strip Steaks

    New York Strips are a classic steakhouse cut and a steak that carries a premium price. A great way to economically source a pile of these premium steaks is to purchase a full striploin and cut it into New York strips yourself.

    Here’s a simple guide to cutting strip steaks from a whole striploin. No special equipment is required and it’s an enjoyable way to actively participate to create the steaks you serve.

  7. Pro Tips at Home

    Pro Tips at Home

    Three acclaimed chefs — Hugh Acheson in Athens, Georgia; Carlo Lamagna in Portland, Oregon; and Alex Lee in Old Westbury, New York — share their best tips for turning out restaurant-worthy meals in your own kitchen. Now, it’s time to put all those new ideas to work!

  8. Filet Mignon on a Budget: How to Cut a Tenderloin Roast into Steaks

    Filet Mignon on a Budget: How to Cut a Tenderloin Roast into Steaks

    Filet mignon is the star of many upscale restaurants. It has a reputation as an expensive cut reserved for the fanciest of occasions. One trick we use to make this luxurious cut more affordable is to purchase a whole tenderloin roast and cut it into steaks. It's easy to do and is a satisfying way to hone your home butcher skills.

    Learn how to make a stack of steaks from a single roast with this easy-to-follow guide.


  9. how thick should steaks be cut

    SRF Steaks – Cut to Thickness, Not by Weight

    The size of a steak is easily measured in ounces, but it’s important to know how thick it is cut. Thickness gives a complete picture of a steak’s quality.

    Learn about Snake River Farm’s steak cutting program and how our master butcher’s cut to thickness, not weight, to deliver a premium product to our customers.

  10. What is a Delmonico Steak?

    The Delmonico – A Steak of Aristocratic Proportions

    The Delmonico is a steak you sometimes see on the menu of a high-end steakhouse. As often occurs in the steak world, there’s not agreement on the precise definition of the Delmonico. Some say it’s a ribeye, some say it’s a New York strip.

    There's general agreement the Delmonico is a large, well-marbled, thick-cut steak. A popular theory is it was served at Delmonico’s, known as the first fine dining restaurant in the U.S. Since the restaurant operated in the 1840s, there is not a record of the exact cut that was the Delmonico.

  11. Foolproof Guide- Preparation Tips

    Foolproof Guide- Preparation Tips

    Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef can be prepared using your favorite techniques and recipes. The key to achieving maximum flavor is a perfect sear — which creates a golden-brown, flavorful crust — and ample seasoning.

    Here are some chef-proven tips for the best finished steak or roast possible.

  12. Tips and Tricks from SRF

    Tips, Tricks, and Secrets

    We spend a lot of time in our kitchens preparing Snake River Farms American Wagyu beef and Kurobuta pork. We’ve learned a thing or two from our home cooking experiences to streamline and enhance preparing meat indoors or outside. 

    Read on to learn some of our favorite insider information to make your meals sizzle. 

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