Choose a Board:

Start by choosing a board, it can be as simple as wood cutting board, serving tray, etc. If you are having a large event, consider making more than one board to ensure your guests have plenty to snack on.

Start with Bowls:

Small bowls work great for jams, dips, honey, mustard, or olives. The best part is, they don’t have to match! Use different bowls to avoid a matchy-matchy look. Bowls also create a great foundation to rest crackers against, stack cheese by, etc.


Add the Cheese:

Pick 2-3 cheeses with different textures and milk types. Some great options that can be found at most grocery stores are goat cheese, brie, and sharp cheddar. Soft cheeses like goat cheese and brie don’t necessarily need to be cut before, just be sure to include a serving knife.

Pile on the Meat:

Authentic French charcuterie features cured meat, so here's where to include your favorite varieties. We used two different types of Snake River Farms salami (which is similar to French saucission) for ther rich and savory flavors. 

If you're feeling French, you can also add pates, terrines or rillettes

Regardless of what you use, be generous to add balance to the board. 


Add Some Crunch:

A variety of crackers can add dimension to your board. Check the deli section and cracker aisle of your grocery store – look for rounds, rectangles, wheat, white, etc. Another great option is cutting a baguette into small slices.

Fill in with Fresh:

Fill in the gaps on your board with fresh seasonal fruit. Grapes and berries are both great choices and pair well with most cheeses. Dried fruit is also a great option and is accessible all year around.


Get Nutty:

Nuts are a great final step to fill in any remaining spots on the board. Easy eating nuts like almonds, Marcona almonds, cashews, etc. work best.


Adding some fresh herbs not only makes your board look beautiful with pops of green, but it also makes it smell great. Rosemary, sage, and mint are all great options!


Just like that, you have your own gorgeous charcuterie board. Don’t be afraid to try new combinations, you might be surprised what tastes good together. The best part about charcuterie boards is that you really can’t mess them up! Take it step by step, and you will be ready to rock your next party!