How Long Does Leftover Ham Last?

As soon as your ham has reached room temperature, wrap up and extra and put it in the refrigerator. It’s According to the USDA, ham is good for three to five days after it’s cooked.

If you want to make it last longer, place it in the freezer where it will last up to two months. Thaw frozen ham in the refrigerator before reheating. 

Reheating Ham

It’s great to relive your ham dinner by warming up a plate of leftover ham, potatoes, etc. The simplest way is to fix a plate and microwave it.

What about larger portions? The goal is to warm the ham, but not dry it out.

Oven reheating - Heat your oven to 325°F. Lightly oil a baking sheet and place ham slices in a single layer on the sheet. Sprinkle three to four tablespoons of water over the slices and cover tightly with foil. Bake for 10 minutes or until the ham is heated completely.

Stovetop reheating – This is a good method to quickly reheat a few slices. Place a non-stick skillet on the burner and set to medium-high. Add a single layer of ham along with a half cup of water. Remove when the ham is warm. As an alternate method, place a light coat of oil in the pan and fry the ham to achieve a light brown crust. This is a good way to serve ham with breakfast. 

How Long Does Leftover Ham Last?

Beyond the Basic Ham Sandwich

Sandwiches are the most obvious way to use leftover ham, but before you slap a slice of ham on white bread, consider ways to make the humble sando something special. The best sandwiches bring together good quality, fresh ingredients.


Great Bread = Great Sandwich 
The best sandwiches start with great bread. Look for the artisan bread section in the grocery store or hit the local bakery.  While finding bread is based on your preferences, a great bread has enough texture and flavor to eat all by itself. Bread can also mean rolls, so keep that option open as well.

Add Some Acid 
Rich Kurobuta ham goes well with ingredients that add some bright flavor. Pickles, pepperoncini and grainy mustard are good choices.

Layer it Up 
Spread butter or mayonnaise on the first slice of bread to protect against sogginess. This is a good time to add mustard, if you’re using it. Add several slices of thin sliced Kurobuta ham. Here’s where to add the cheese, if using. Swiss is the classic pairing, but use whatever suits your fancy.

Then, pile on your favorite ingredients. Vegetables taste better when sliced thin – tomato, red onion, and cucumber add texture and flavor.  

Get it Hot

Thin slices of Kurobuta ham and Swiss cheese grilled with sourdough with mustard is an easy way to dress up those leftovers.  

Two of our favorite hot ham sandwiches are Ham and Cheese Sliders and Leftover Ham Cubanos.  



Ham is the foundation for many family meal staples. It’s easy to find great recipes for ham in soups, fried rice, pasta, quiche and casseroles. Leftover ham is also great with scalloped potatoes. 

Leftover ham is the ideal ingredient for a hearty breakfast. One of our favorite ways to use leftover ham is for Eggs Benedict, a standby of brunch menus. Eggs Bennie is also a savory treat to feature at Breakfast for Dinner night. Try this recipe for Leftover Ham & Eggs Benedict with Quick Blender Hollandaise.

Another one of our favorite recipes is Sheet-Pan Kurobuta Ham and Sweet Potato Hash. This makes a fast and easy dinner. Just add a salad for a complete meal. It’s also a fantastic breakfast dish when sided with scrambled eggs.