Journeyman Meat produces SRF Kurobuta salami in a variety of flavors perfect for a range of palates and serving occasions. Pete Seghesio, a founder of Journeyman and skilled winemaker, is uniquely qualified to share his favorite salami and wine pairings. Here are some of his thoughts for the best wines to serve with each of the varieties we offer.


This salami is made with Calabrian chilis, garlic, clove, red wine and a hint of fennel. This combination of ingredients provides a full sensation of flavors. Pete has three wine suggestions for this salami.

A rich California chardonnay. The moderate heat of the soppressata helps to accentuate the acidity of chardonnay to create a flavorful balance.

Rosé is also a good choice for this salami. Like chardonnay, the heat of this salami makes the acid in the rosé pop.

Journeyman uses Zinfandel in their soppressata and a Zin that is in balance works well with this salami. Pete says to avoid late harvest style Zinfandels, but moderate style Zins (for example Ridge, Seghesio, and Biale) are excellent with this salami.

Journeyman Meats x Snake River Farms


Fennel is a key ingredient in this salami which uses fennel seeds, ground fennel and fennel pollen. Pete’s first wine choice to pair with finocchiona is Pinot Noir. He notes that it’s quite common to see wild fennel growing near the fields of Pinot Noir grapes in the Russian River Valley.

In addition to Pinot Noir, Pete suggests a red wine with a great medium body, such as Grenache, Nebbiolo or Cinsaut. “All of these would be of medium palate weight and will work great with the finocchiona,” says Pete.

Sopressata Salami


This salami is made with rosemary and sage sourced in Sonoma County and add a highlight of Russian River Chardonnay. Biancho means “white” in Italian and the name gives an obvious hint to the wine pairing.  According to Pete, “Biancho is just that. Pair with light to medium weight white wines, like Riesling. I also recommend white wine blends and obscure Italian whites like Grecco du Tuffo or Arneis.”


A Sicilian inspired salami with calabrian chilis, cayenne, garlic, and orange zest. This is the hottest salami crafted by Journeyman. 

“The more heat, the more I want a really crisp and lean white wine or champagne,” says Pete, “A Sancerre, a lean California coastal Sav Blanc, or champagne with vibrant floral notes and good acidity really compliment this salami.  The more zing on your tongue, the more that heat in the salami matches that intensity.”

Fattoria Salami


There are no surprises when it comes to the ingredients of this artisan salami. Aged Gouda cheese and porcini mushrooms are the savory components of this rich salami.

“We always recommend serving this with Cabernet or higher tannin red wines,” says Pete, “Most Cab has an earthiness that works well with the porcini component,  while the cheese helps cut the tannin of a big red wine.  A lot of our Napa clients use this one for their cabs.  In fact, this recipe was done for Chateau Montelena Cabernet.”